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Gwen Jones
Name in Brithenig: Gwen ffeil Ioan
Name in Kanawikian: Kawena Lani
Nicknames & aliases: Turquoise Blue
 Date: October 16, 1995
 Place: Buchetewy, Defed, Kemr
Place of residence: Morddyn, Defed, Kemr (Home) Gwigtaf, Lla Ferch, Kemr
Profession: Student
Natural languages: English (monolingual, unfortunately)
Interests: Politics, Films, Cuisine

I suppose I'm Number 80 on The List or something. Always had something of an interest in Ill Bethisad since discovering it quite a few years ago. It was what inspired me to get into alternate history, and I hope I can contribute something back to IB to repay it for inspiring me.

Very interested in Hawaiian (Kanawikian) culture and in politics in general. I identify as a social democrat, so would probably be a member of Kemr's Labour Party *there*. In the NAL-SLC, perhaps either a Whig or a Democratic Socialist.

Deeply interested in the early 20th century (1900-1950), a time of change and of turmoil. I hope I can help illustrate IB's equivalent.

Working to make IB's politics up to date and to develop it further.

Also working on Kemrese culture, both traditional and modern. I want to find out how my equivalent *there* lives.

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