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Calvin Case
Name in Brithenig: Kalfinus Astyd
Name in Montreiano: Calvino Caso
Name in InterTurkic: Kalvajn Kılıf
Name in Xliponian: Kalvan du Oqitent
 Date: 8th of June, 2001
 Place: Олимпиа, Оригон

Number 77 on The List, resident of Cascadia Province, in Oregon. Known as Calvin, Cal, Case, Kid, Hobbes (mockingly), Cassie in one situation, and Doctor Destiny in none. Enjoys conlanging, exploring, filmmaking, writing, women, and japery/tomfoolery. Can be ASB at times, not rejective of criticism though. Has great aspirations for a "revival" of sorts of this fantastic project, and hopes to create a mockumentary of sorts detailing some event or another *there*, possibly one of the Great Wars or the general history of the FK, for example.

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