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Estat Orientà de l'Uruguay
Eastern State of Uruguay
Flag of Uruguay
 Official: Aragonese, Portuguese, Catalan
Capital: Montevideo
Population: 9 million uruguayos (Uruguayans)
Established: 1822, independence from Portuguese domination
Organizations: Lusoamerican Union


Uruguay in Brief

Uruguay is an autonomous state of Riu de l'Argent in southeastern South America.

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Uruguay was an Aragonese colony. It was invaded by Portugal in 1819, an action that was supported by Paraná. In 1827 it went back to Riu de l'Argent as an autonomous province and since then enjoyed a great deal of autonomy, a status which was protected by Paraná and other former Portuguese colonies. Uruguay had its own foreign policy and in 1900 was one of the founders of the Lusoamerican Union. Under the government of dictator Esperanza Rios in Riu de l'Argent, however, the autonomy of Uruguay was pressured and decreased. Various laws of Uruguay were revoked by the supreme court of Riu de l'Argent, unlike previously Riu de l'Argent did not consult the local parliament when appointing the new governor-general. Some politicians of Uruguay also accused Riu de l'Argent of intervening into the Uruguayan-Lusoamerican Union relations and affairs. Other nations of the Lusoamerican Union generally criticise such actions of Riu de l'Argent, thus straining the relations with that country. The "One Nation" ideal of E. Rios's Riu de l'Argent generally assumes that Uruguayans are a part of the Argentian nation; some politicians suggests that integration of Uruguay as a simple province of Riu de l'Argent might be the eventual goal of E. Rios.


Lusoamerican Union

Map of Uruguay with neighbouring countries


North: Paraguay.
West: Riu de l'Argent.
Southeast: Atlantic Ocean.
Northeast: Paraná.

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