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Map of Yamato highlighting Txugocu
Capital Hiroxima (広島)
Establishment Saisei 13 Gogaçu 4 (June 8, 1964)

Txùgocu (中国道, -dò) is a Region of Yamato located at the western end of Honxù. The capital of the region is Hiroxima City, located in Hiroxima Province. It is bordered by Quiñqui to the east, Xicocu to the southeast, and Quiùxù to the southwest. Its name translates literally as "Middle Country", and is the same characters and readings formerly used for China.

The region contains the following five provinces

The name is a historical remnant of an old way of dividing Japan into three parts, depending on distance from the capital (Quiòto), Near Lands (近国 Quiñgocu), Middle Lands, and Far Lands (遠国 Oñgocu). The modern region is thus only part of what was once referred to as Txùgocu. In addition, the province of Ocayama is included, although historically the lands of Bizen and Mimasaca, two of the three lands that became Ocayama, were considered Quiñgocu.

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Regions of Yamato
Tòhocu | Cantò | Txùbu | Quiñqui | Txùgocu | Xicocu | Quiùxù
Provinces of Yamato
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