Turwan Hafez

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Turwan Hafez
Title: Minister of Homeland Security, Turkestan
 Term in office: 1950–1969
 Predecessor: None
 Successor: SUCCESSOR
 Date: 17- Mizäm, Çıçqan jıl 1912
(17th June 1912)
 Place: Düşönbö, Tajikistan Province
 Date: 4- Qarıça, Ätiş jıl 1969
(4th November 1969)
 Place: Buxara, Üzbekistan Province
Profession: Intelligence Analyst; Politician
Political Party: Government of National Unity
Relgious Affiliation: Manesianity

Turwan Hafez was the head of Jalan Ilxan's original Department of Homeland Security. As both the chief spymaster for both foreign and domestic intelligence as well as the head of the uniformed Homeland Security police, Turwan Hafez was the single most powerful individual in Turkestan after Jalan Ilxan himself, and he employed this power with a ruthless dispatch that surpassed any of his contemporaries.

For all this personal ruthlessness, Turwan carefully cultivated the outward appearance of a schoolteacher or a kindly but absent-minded uncle. Beneath this unprepossessing exterior, however, lurked a coldly calculating mind apparently unhindered by anything resembling moral conscience.

This ruthlessness and amorality combined with high native intelligence made him the perfect natural head of the Department of Homeland Security, and he wielded this authority with a callous disregard for traditional family and clan loyalties that made his colleagues extremely nervous.

Jalan Ilxan was probably the only one of his contemporaries who could control Turwan Hafez, and Turwan's relationship to his Ilxan was the subject of much fearfully-whispered speculation. From the incomplete and heavily doctored records of the time, it appears that Turwan exhibited a genuine loyalty to Jalan Ilxan, however remarkable this seems in one so otherwise unmoved by personal regard for his associates.

Little is known of Turwan's life before he emerged onto the scene as Jalan Quyrat-ulı's chief security officer, but it is clear that the two most powerful people of early Snorist Turkestan had already established the close relationship that seemed to be Turwan Hafez' only external loyalty.

As if his extreme ruthlessness were not enough, one of the persistent allegations that were whispered around him was that he abused his power to engage in paedophilia with young boys. This could be dismissed as a product of the fear and hatred of the other members of the Keņes, but the accusation's very persistence tends to give it credibility.

During the period of Jalan's Ilxanate, Turwan Hafez continued throughout as the Minister of Homeland Security. All of the other ministries changed hands at least once as Jalan Ilxan's paranoia overshadowed their personal capability, but Turwan remained. As far as the Ilxan was concerned, it seemed that he could do no wrong; even the persistent allegations of homosexual paedophilia against Turwan could not turn him into a liability in Jalan Ilxan's eyes.

In the aftermath of Jalan Ilxan's death, Turwan attempted to take up the reins of power himself. His firm grip on the Department of Homeland Security, with all of its spies and political police, gave him a very strong power base for seizing power, but the fear and abhorrence that he generated among his contemporaries meant that as soon as he seized power, all of the other members of the Inner Keņes aligned against him, uniting behind the Minister of the Interior Mızar Aman Beğ-ulı.

After a bloody power struggle that stopped short of actual civil war by virtue of being confined to the Keņes, the other Keņesçis eventually gained the upper hand. With the National Police closing in, led by their overall chief Ğani Äbdireş-ulı Ämir and backed by Guards troops, Turwan Hafez took his own life in a fairly spectacular manner by blowing up the Homeland Security Ministry offices as soon as the police entered them.

This last act of defiance not only killed Turwan himself and decapitated the National Police, but also killed or maimed almost 50 Guards and National Police troops, and over 20 Homeland Security administrators. Turwan's chief lieutenants in the Department of Homeland Security were arrested in the following weeks on treason charges, and replaced by people strictly subordinate to the Keņes.

A statue of the fallen police chief Ğani Äbdireş-ulı was erected six years later outside the National Police headquarters, and is one of only a small number of surviving monuments from the Snorist era.

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