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Ensign of the Turkestani Merchant Marine
Jack of Turkestan

The Turkestani Merchant Marine is currently very small, but with the completion of the Eurasia Ship Canal connecting the landlocked Mazandaran Sea with the Sea of Azov and Black Sea, it may be expected to expand dramatically over the next few years.

Currently, there are only 13 merchant ships operating under the Turkestani flag – a mixture of petroleum and liquefied gas tankers, general cargo ships and refrigerated cargo ships. Several of these are banca-type vessels.

Traditionally, most Turkestanis view boats and ships with deep misgivings. Almost all of the members of the Turkestani Merchant Marine, as well as the crews of the small Guards naval fleet, come from Qaraqalpağıstan or the coastal region of Turcomanistan.

In times of war, the ships of the Merchant Marine become part of the Guards naval assets and are used as transport and auxiliary vessels. This has, in fact, only happened once in Turkestan's history, during the Second Great War.

Hull No. Ship Name Type Notes
007 Rohıla Petroleum tanker -
008 När General cargo -
010 Kereüen II General cargo -
012 Aqtau Petroleum tanker -
013 Muynaq Refrigerated cargo -
014 Maurannahr Petroleum tanker -
015 Aysulu General cargo -
017 İņkär II Petroleum tanker -
018 Qarasu Petroleum tanker -
019 Mayşabaq Liquefied gas tanker -
020 Dana III Refrigerated cargo -
021 Oysılqara Petroleum tanker -
022 Maņğıstau General cargo -
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