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logo of TransAmerican Studios

TransAmerican Studios is a relatively small motion picture production company founded in the 1960s that has grown from making B-Grade schlock to some degree of respectability.

Some of their films include:

  • Cult of the Corpse-Dancers (1970)
  • Pirates of the Appalachians (1970)
  • Satan's Hell Cats (1975)
  • The House of the Worm (1977)
  • Witchfinder At Large (1977)
  • Vorlock's Great Love (1978)
  • The Owl (1978)
  • Devil's Cheerleaders (1979)
  • Zombie Barbeque (1979)
  • Plan Seven from Outer Space (1980)
  • The Vompire Vs. The Wendigo Woman (1980)
  • Song of the Banshee (1982)
  • Wendigo Bikers from Hades (1983)
  • Doctor Phayne (1985)
  • The Mummy's Shroud (1986)
  • The Lonely Hour (1987)
  • Invaders From Space (1989)
  • Children of Shadows (1990)
  • Unquiet (1991)
  • Man of Madness (1992)

TA, as it is known, has gone through multiple owners over the years, each of whom focussed on different areas. For example, during the 1970s it successfully managed to become the distributor of England's Niles Studios within the NAL (including their famous Lord Vorlock series with Terence Stamp). TA also distributed the films of Jean Marnot. During the 1980s, the studio increasingly focussed on higher quality genre films and by the 1990s had even achieved some respectable success with relatively mainstream fare.

It is somewhat famous, not only for the cult nature of its product, but also for having been the training grounds for many upcoming film actors, directors and others in the film industry.

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