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Traci the Vampire Hunter is a popular television series, which aired from 1996 to 2003 on ABC about a teenage girl named Traci Winters who fights vompires and demons in Guyasuta, Aquanishuonigy. She fights vompires with the help of her Trainer Rhigardd ffeil Gereint from Kemr, and her friends (the "Staketeers", a pun based on "Musketeers"). It lasted for seven seasons before the cast decided to call it quits. The program gave rise to two spinoffs: Lance (1998 to 2004) about the epononymous vompire seeking redemption, and Guardians (2003 to present) about Gereint's efforts to rebuild the Council which was destroyed in the original series' final season. There are rumors of a third series to take place around 2016, involving Traci's daughter, but the producers have disavowed such plans. That hasn't stopped the fans from writing their own stories involving "Sarah Michelle the Vompire Hunter".


Main Characters

  • Traci Winters - a Hunter, she is the central character
  • Rhigardd ffeil Gereint - her mentor and trainer, part of the Council of Guardians
  • Oz (Ozymandias) Rosenblum - her nerdish friend and one-time boyfriend
  • Xandra (Alexandra) Ferris - her best friend and language expert
  • Lance - the vompire who falls in love with Xandra and helps Traci fight his fellow monsters as a result
  • Ffrencisc Llub - Another Guardian, he lived in Guyasuta prior to Traci and Gereint's arrival. He is of mixed Seneca-Kemrese ancestry
  • Skye Winters - Traci's younger sister who turns out to be psychic
  • Hope Avril - another Hunter, with whom Traci has a love/hate relationship that eventually becomes a romantic one.

Secondary Characters



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Work in progress
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  • TV movie (1996)
Introduces Traci and Gereint. Traci is a high school freshman. She has been having strange dreams of young women from various historical eras fighting vompires and other demons. Gereint approaches her and tells her of her destiny. She initially rejects it, but is convinced, and fights the vompires.
The season opens with Traci leaving a mental institution, where she had been placed by her mother, after telling her about the vompires. They move to Guyasuta. She attempts to lead a normal life, away from Vompires and demons and Hunting, but is inexorably drawn back in. She acquires new friends. Traci finds herself fighting the Vompire King, an ancient Native vompire, plotting the establishment of a vompire kingdom with its capital at the Hell's Gate in Guyasuta. (Sophomore Year)
  • Season 2 (1997-1998)
  • Season 3 (1998-1999)
  • Season 4 (1999-2000)
During this season, Traci travels to Deseret to help Abish Taylor. She falls in love with a man and becomes pregnant with his child, but he is turned into a Vompire, and she must stake him.
  • Season 5 (2000-2001)
Skye is added to the cast. Traci is cast into a parallel world, and returns to ours, bringing along Skye. As the season develops, and the characters attempt to figure out how to return Skye to her world, Skye begins having visions of her world being destroyed by demons. The demons begin entering our world, and, in the final episode, they are defeated in a climactic battle that nearly kills Traci. But, at last, a seal is placed upon the other world, confining the demons thereto.
Also, hints begin to develop that Traci and Hope's relationship is more than friendship and Traci gives birth to her daughter, Sarah Michelle Winters.
  • Season 6 (2001-2002)
  • Season 7 (2002-2003)

Vompire Hunters

Vompire Hunters are a select group of girls. At any given time, there are exactly seven Hunters. Every time a Hunter dies, a new one is called in her place. Hunters often have psychic visions of their predecessors' actions.

Known Hunters


The Guardians, short for Guardians of Righteousness, are an ancient organization pledged to preserve knowledge of demonology and to lead the fight against the forces of darkness. They have long since possessed a monopoly on the training and command of Hunters.


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Work in progress
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The Vompires of Traci are based on traditional myths, but with some added twists.

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