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The Three Fires Party originated in Onacagonda city in Aquanishuonigy in 1985 by a retired Presbyterian pastor Geoffrey Urbanczyk. It was officially registered as a political party in 1986. As of yet the only seat it has gained was a seat of Illinoise MP for Geoffrey Urbanczyk himself in the constituency of Littleton, Illinoise, where he was largely voted in on the idea that he'd make Illinoise into a native province by a majority of disgruntled Louisiannais immigrants. He refused to swear an oath of loyalty to the Queen and never sat in Parliament anyway. Moving Illinoise from the English to the Native Viceroyality is its most famous aim but not its most prominent; its manifesto lays its aims out like this;

  • First and foremost, to dismantle the NAL as a unit of such an "illogical, irrational and tax-wasting hodgepodge of different cultures";
  • To replace it with a customs union of independent states;
  • For the first of the states to be a compendium of English, Scottish, Scandinavian and Kemrese states, essentially succeeding the NAL in its current shape and form;
  • For the second of the states to be Mueva Sefarad "being both independant culturally and historically from both the European and Native traditions in the NAL";
  • For the third state to be a new "Viceroyality of the Three Fires" stretching from Nunavik through Ontario in the North through New Iceland down through the Native states, Tenisi to Mobile and Cherokee Nation;
  • For the permission to join this union granted to any free and independant state of the American continent;
  • For the immediate return of Les Plaines to Louisianne and the endeavourance to return the Floridas as members of the newly Germanised South Florida.

Other aims of the party are;

  • A redistribution of the Americas based on low-tax, low-expenditure government;
  • The introduction of Capital and Corporal punishment across the Americas;
  • The reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools;
  • The

The proposals have been commonly criticised by many for its strong misjudgement of the cultural qualities of the NAL (Urbanczyk himself being from Lybæk) and for the transfer of some of the Monarchy provinces to the NAL (the majority of the opposition came here from Ontario and Tenisi; Mobile, Kentucky and Illinoise were less concerned). It was initially supported by some pro-Louisiannais groups in LP and some independance movements in MS (although were later put off by the statement that MS was "both independant culturally and historically from both the European and Native traditions in the NAL"). Another major criticism of the Three Fires Party was that it was based on a low-tax, low-expenditure policy.

The colours of the party are; Orange (for MS), blue (for the NAL) and Green (for the natives). When Urbanczyk was seen in the streets of Illinoise canvasing in these colours people said he looked rather like an "overripe melon".

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