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Theodor Vadim

Theodor Vadim (born 1933) was the last Lord Protector of Oltenia and saw the end of the White Regency. He was selected almost immediately after the death of Istvan Gheorghiu, and with the full council's approval began to reverse his predecessor's policies. The Oltenian Air Corps was revitalized. The worst excesses of the Securitate were pulled back. He treated Muntenian "king" Gheorghe Milţeanu with respect but not flattery or obedience. It is unlikely the actual dissolution of his own regime was on the agenda, however.

The death of the Pretender in 1987 helped spur increasing calls for the selection of a Prince. Among other things, this was a point of ethnic pride for the Romanians ill-treated in their own country. This in fact was the beginning of the Voivode Party, and led to a series of strikes and demonstrations all over the country. At length, just to quiet things down, the Regents announced they'd narrowed the candidates down to two--Air Colonel Igor Vlas-Florea and Magistrate Gavril Florea-Doneascu, whose mother was Hungarian. What was expected to quiet things down in fact made things worse for the Regency Council, because Gavril (their intended choice) was totally unacceptable to the vast majority. The strikes and demonstrations increased, and some governmental leaders--sensing the way the wind was blowing--began to support the Voivode Party. Accusing Igor Vlas-Florea of malfeasance and putting him under house arrest did nothing to quell the unrest. Quite the opposite. Demands for Prince Igor to take the throne grew every day and in the end, to (barely) avoid civil war, the Regents did indeed crown him. Within three months the Snorist regime was largely dismantled.

Vadim was the first Chancellor of the new Oltenia, although he held that office for even less time than he did that of Lord Protector. To many people's surprise, however, he has survived politically. He represented Timişoara in the Forum of Delegates for over a decade and was Chairman of the Conservative League until his retirement in 1999.

Preceded by:
Istvan Gheorghiu
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Lord Protector of Oltenia
Succeeded by:
Last In Office

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Chancellor of Oltenia
Succeeded by:
Bogdan Parvan
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