The Way to the Fourth Worshiping

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The Way to the Fourth Worshiping (xetae xevafolbur) is local religion in Bohemia, county of Lanškróna (Ark in Arkian).

The important person is maram. He or she is a spiritual authority in Ark. Maram is entrusted and iniciated into the Mission (ratolbi) to lead The Seconds (laidoutdou) and The Thirds (laidoutrax) to The Fourth Worship (xevafolbi). He or she is revealed with his/her sagen and eksesagen (sagen is always the rightful successor, eksesagen becomes sagen if sagen becoms maram) by the tunolbi an lagark (Collegium of garks) using the Gerd power.

Tradition of marams goes deep into the ancient times, when the kastrubi (sacred Building) was erected in Taksil (Pémiša Rótvosär by Lanškróna) by unknown people.

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