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The Travelers is one of the top rated shows of Greece, one of the most popular shows across Southern Europe, and is finally being seen in as places as far away as East Asia, Western Europe, and the Americas. Technically it is the continuation of the 2004 hit " ", which was loosely based on Brom Stocker's Lord Vorlock. The order the protagonists belong to it a fictional faction within Christianity clearly based off the real Angelici.


The story follows 5 main characters who "travel" throughout the world destroying evil wherever they find it. These five are the last known members of the Lions of Constantinople, a secret religious order who both protected Orthodoxy from the western Crusaders and Turkish an Arab Muslims. Once the last of the Byzantine Empire falls, they set up base within Moscow, as well as bringing precious, divinely-imbued objects with them. It's said that up until AD 330 under Constantinople a "form" of a Great Evil (never explicitly called the devil but strongly implied) resided, spreading havoc. It was allegedly the source of many natural disasters, and the reason the pagan tribes of Thrace tried to invade the Byzantine Empire. When Constantine set up shop within the newly-founded city, he gave 8 knights and one leader the task of ridding it. The night before Constantine the Great gave the men this task, he had a dream at which Constantine was back at Milvian Bridge, though there was no sign of life other than his own. An Angel met him and he was brought to a cavern under his city. There he saw the face of the Great Beast, which was said to haunt Constantine till his last breath. Finally the Angel broke His silence, telling the emperor that if the city is to flourish, he must rid the land of the abomination. He gave The Emperor a sword within in his dream saying to find Brave-and-Pious souls who would take up arms to subdue it and bring the thing to a more secure location. Constantine woke up with the sword in his right hand. Shocked deeply, Constantine's most loyal of subjects were ordered to Constantine's private quarters; almost servants, slaves, and bodybuards dismissed. After a speech Constantine told the men about what God has planned fort them, and that they should gather their things immediately.

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