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The Oblong Office is a television series that airs on NBC, starting in 2008. The show takes place amid the fictional administration of General Moderator Barry Obama, a former Virginia Senator who is the first Afro to be elected GM. Obama is played by actor Hamish Earl Jones.

The three main characters of the series are:

  • Carl Kolchak, the Octagon House Chief of Staff - a deeply religious man with a very adversarial relationship with the press. Somewhat of a curmudgeon, he functions rather like a father figure to many of the other regulars.
  • Fox Mulder, Asssitant Communications Director - brilliant, arrogant and charming. He collects conspiracy theories (out of amusement) but remains traumatized by the murder of his younger sister when they were children. His father is a career CBI officer, now fighting lung cancer. His wife, Dana (a recurring character), is a doctor and their marriage is troubled.
  • Olivia Dunham, Deputy Octagon House Counsel - One of Fox's oldest friends and a former lover in college, dating a CBI officer named David Bishop (a recurring character). A source of personal conflict in her identical twin sister (another recurring character), who is delusional.

In the world of the series, the NAL has only two major political parties--the Democrats and Republicans. A major plot involves a terrorist attack that destroyed the Breuckelen Bridge, carried out by Neo SNOR-ist sympathizers. A backlash against those of Eastern European descent as well as members of the Eastern Orthodox Church sweeps the League while debate over new security procedures is hot and furious, embodied in the so-called Patriot Act that (among other things) requires citizens and residents have an official ID card with them at all times (this plotline is largely seen as a parallel to the Signoret Crime War).

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