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Laurentien is the language spoken by the majority of people in the Intendancy of New Francy. There has been many discussions in the past about how best to classify it. Some have described it as a sub-dialect of norman while other have designated it an hybrid of various Langues d'oil. Two other opinions, "very-badly-spoken francian" or "survival in north-america of an extinct romance dialect", have now been thoroughly debunked. Most linguists these days simply consider it to be part of the "Northern French dialectal Continuum" and leave it at that.

To see some of the ethymological evolution that resulted in Laurentian, see here.

Signs & Abreviations used


Adj.	 	adjective
Adv.	 	adverb
n.m.	 	noun of the masculine gender
n.f.	 	noun of the feminine gender
n.i.	 	noun that can be used for both genders
v.	 	verb


->	 	word before the arrow is believed to have becomed the one afterward.
(?)	 	Possible but unproven origin
A	 	Amerindian origin (not a language but a linguistic family)
B	 	Bretton origin
D	 	Dutch origin
G	 	High German origin
I	 	Italian origin
L	 	Latin (classical) origin
N	 	Norman origin
OF	 	Old French origin
ON	 	Old Norse origin
P	 	Provencal origin
S	 	Spanish origin
VL	 	Vulgar Latin origin
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