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The Hummingbird is a B-list superhero in the Millennium Comics universe.

The Second Hummingbird

The revived Hummingbird started out as a supporting character in Captain Silver, but graduated into a second-tier hero in the Millennium Comics universe. Zaynetta Dain was a vain sorceress inhabiting the Living Moon of another dimension who became stuck as a humanoid hummingbird (the size of a hummingbird, not of a human). Despite her diminutive size, everything she does is magnified proportionally by the constant stirring of her wings, which she uses to project her spells.

She was associated with the original Sisters of Justice.


The Hummingbird uses her wings to effect her magic. Most commonly she uses the vibrations to imitiate the actions of a normal-sized hero. Her vibrations can approximate speech, and deliver "air-punches".


During the renovation of Captain Silver, the Living Moon, home of The Hummingbird, volunteered itself and its current inhabitants as the requisite blood sacrifice for the stay of destruction. The Hummingbird herself survived, but lost her powers and was restored to normal human size, emerging as an conspicuously short but well-endowed teenager. She became Captain Silver's girlfriend. The Hummingbird now began to study the new rules of magic which had emerged from the interdimensional collapse.

Later The Hummingbird discovered that she had absorbed much of the power of her late home dimension, although she now had to study to control this power.

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