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The East Russian Army is in shambles, retreating toward Novosibirsk following crushing blows in Soccaitxi/East Primorye and the Okhotsk coast. The invasion began today as Japanese forces landed the length of the Primoryan and Okhotsk coasts. Chukotka has already signed a peace treaty with Japan, most likely because of the Japanese Navy poised to strike just offshore.

It began with Japanese forces crossing into Soccaitxi at 6:45 local morning (9:45PM GMT), leaving Corea behind and sweeping north and east, to capture Caisanuai/Vladivostok by the setting of the sun.

General Quinomoto stood in the central square of Caisanuai amidst cheers of his soldiers and said, 'For too long, Russia has been a thorn in our side.' He gesticulated around him. 'We can't trust the Russians. This so-called 'Russian Federation' is nothing more than a temporary weakness. If we did not invade now, the Russians would rebuild, and attack us again, the way they did when they stole Ezo from us!'

In synchronous attack, the 7th Armored Panzer Behälterabteilung broached the borders of the RTC at 10:45 PM (9:45PM GMT), and had secured Siodawa and Siora within an hour. While the 7th plowed on to Lodz Field Marshall Karl von Preimern and the 11th Infanterie-Abteilung secured the line, preparing for the 5th Panzer Behälterabteilungs arrival on its way to Danzig. Speaking to HRE Reporters who'd come along to the war zone, Von Preimern said, 'At no time in the past has our enemy to the east appeared so weak. With the government teetering on the edge we will reclaim all Prussian lands. We will welcome our new eastern citizens...' von Preimern paused, chuckling, '...after they have been successfully rehabilitated into good citizens of the Empire.'

Raising his arm at a stiffly held fourty-five degree angle he shouted 'Das Reich wird wieder groß!' (the Empire will again be great!) chorused by all soldiers in earshot. The sight of the display drawing gasps and astonishment from the civilians.

Turning to a reporter from the Berliner Morgenpost, Field Marshall von Preimern touched his nose and whispered loudly, a greedy look in his eye, 'After the RTC falls, it's on to Moscow!'

Thus begins The Eagle and the Sun, Tom Clentsin's latest novel. In it, he portrays a Prussian-Japanese alliance aimed at subduing the Republic of Two Crowns and Russia. Published in early 2004, it became obsolete almost as soon as it hit the book stores with Emperor Saisei's surprise resignation from the throne, completely invalidating one of the major motivations behind Japan's invasion in the novel - the desire of then-Emperor to reclaim Outer Manchuria during his reign.

A discussion of the book in the Wita Warsinie, one the RTC's main newspapers:

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