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The Doom Squadron is a team of neohuman superheroes in the Chicago Press Universe.

The leader of the Squadron is Polaro, an brooding idealist who has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields. However, this power seems to have some physical limitation, not least that it apparently is linked to his anger. The angrier Polaro becomes, the more he is capable of. His real name is Havier Strang. Once a history teacher, Havier Strang was recruited by Team Omega, but finally grew disillusioned.

Second in command of the Squadron is Tachyon, whose original name remains uknown. Tachyon is physically perfectly adapted to move at extremely high speeds, all the way up to and past Mach 2. Not surprisingly, his metabolism requires massive amounts of calories to keep going. In contraxt to his abilities, Tachyon has a positively Zen outlook, forever calm and stoic (or at least usually). There have been hints Tachyon was a student for the priesthood when his powers either manifested or could no longer be hidden. He and Polaro quit/deserted Team Omega together.

Other notable members of the squad include:

  • Flashburn (Geoff Hardy) - a pyrokinetic that generates fire from his hands. A somewhat eccentric individual, Geoff is a fun-loving jokester most of the time, something which generaly doesn't go down well with the rest of the team. Even so, he is still a commited member of the team, and is very loyal to Polaro.
  • Glacier (Alice Rosewater) - who can generate a supercooling effect, as well as being cryokinetic. Although she is usually totally stoic, Alice does have a fierce temper when annoyed (mostly by Flashburn). Alice is also from a wealthy family, and lends her personal fortune to the Squadron for its needs.
  • Thundercloud (Christopher Hawkins) - an electrokinetic, who can generate lightning bolts from his body. Ostracised by his family and friends because of his powers, Christopher only wants to use his powers to help others, although this help is not always apreciated. He was recruited to the team by after saving Flashburn and Glacier from members of Revenge Inc..
  • Spectrum (Andrew Rayner) - An afroe, with amazing perceptual abilities, such as multispectral vision and a radar-like detection sense, he seems to have limited telepathic powers. He was recruited personally by Polaro, because of his incredable talents.
  • Phantom (real name unkown) - seemingly a living shadow, Phantom can store objects on his(?) person (seemingly any number of them) without altering his "physical" form, as well as being able to manipulate the structure of his(?) body, along with various psionic powers. Phantom was created, as far as he(?) can remember, by being near death when he was infected by whatever changed him. He doesn't remember much about his past life, but he wants to find out why he was altered. He tends to be a loner.
  • Tethys (Joanna Granger) - an aquakinetic, who has a mermaid-like appearence. She is almost constantly cheery, and is (more or less) the only one that laughs at Flashburn's jokes (and seems to have a crush on him). She also tries to cheer up Glacier, with hardly any success.
  • Scream (Gian Mendes) - has the ability to use her voice as a sonic disruptor weapon and as a form of echolocation. Formaly a singer, Scream lost her voice when she was altered. Some time later, her voice returned, but she found that she could not only immitate most sounds after only hearing them once, but she could also use her voice as an ultrasonic tool/weapon. She does have the tendency to be rather vain at times, and has been the butt of many of Flashburn's jokes, but she always comes through when needed.
  • Rockslide (Ysteffan Penrhys) - a terrakinetic with hard bronze-coloured skin. Usually rather on edge, Rockslide is quick to anger and has a ferocious temper. His anger seems to amplify his power. He is, however, a loyal member of the team.
  • Desert Fox (Green Snake) - a canimorph, with abilities to match. Due to her appearance, Desert Fox had always been shunned by those outside of her tribe (the Illinoise). After running away from home, she was discovered living rough on the streets of Marion, Kentucky by Thundercloud. The two have been almost inseparable ever since.
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