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The Doctor is an American television series created for the Fall 2008 season by CBS (Cambro-American Broadcasting System) for the Fall 2008 season. Essentially it is a remake of Ill Peleirin, the long-running Kemrese cult science fiction program, quite possibly in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of such shows as Space Voyage 2245.

Unlike the Kemrese original, this series is an entire re-working of the concept. The Doctor is the title character, a mysterious traveler in time and space vis-a-vis a timepiece he possesses--what looks like a large fob watch of unusual design. In fact, it allows the Doctor to find rifts large and small within the space-time continuum. Unlike others, the Doctor also has the power to travel through such rifts in a controlled manner. His name remains as unknown as most of his history, although the producers have confirmed the Doctor is in fact very long-lived. They have also explicitly stated this is not the same character or back story as the original series.


The Doctor himself comes across as a brilliant eccentric, who routinely wears a rather eclectic set of clothes. He looks to be about forty, with dark blond hair and a generally thin build. The suits he wears are a either blue or green, sometimes with an ascot but never with a tie. He usually dons a long coat with broad lapels and sometimes a floppy hat.

In personality, he is friendly, even whimsical, but this turns out to be a mask. He has a melancholy nature and a temper he works very hard to overcome (or at least keep in check). Hints abound he has committed acts of which he is ashamed, but tries not to dwell upon too much.

He's picked up an astounding number of skills, including piloting Airships and marksmanship and biochemisty.


Season One When first encountered, The Doctor meets and befriends Chicago native Jeanne Marie Smith as he prevents an alien invasion of the planet Earth. The aliens themselves are from the distant past of the planet Mars, fleeing the death of their civilization with the help of the Marquise, a former friend (maybe lover) of the Doctor who has the same kind of "time piece" as himself. Both demonstrate vast knowledge of a wide variety of scientific subjects as well as speaking a dizzying number of languages. Over the course of the first season (in which Doctor and Marquise vie with one another), it becomes clear the two have known each other for centuries. More, they have a grudging admiration for one another amid a lot of genuine contempt.

Another factor in the series has been what amounts to a growing romantic attachment between the Doctor and Jeanne Marie, who is a Journalism Major in college when they meet. The Doctor gets a lot of delight out of "showing her around" some of the exotic locales he knows (like the floating city of New Olympus from the XXXVth century).

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Season Two

For the 2009-10 season, the show has featured the long-term return of the the Cold Ones, the ancient Martians seeking to rescue their civilization. Cold Ones are of roughly humanoid shape, but are hairless and have tentacles where humans have mouths. Their biochemistry, we learn, is extremely different from most life, requiring extreme cold in order to survive. It turns out they are divided into three castes--Warriors, Scholars and Workers--each of them self-governing. As learn more of their history, it turns out colonies left the solar system many ages ago, founding an empire that eventually collapsed amid a civil war. A major religious faction believes the history of their race is tied up with their homeworld.

As the season progresses, the Doctor and Jeanne Marie increasingly suspect that some force is engineering their encounters with the Cold Ones -- and this might be a figure from Martian legend called the Stalker -In-Shadows.


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