The College of Joseph and Brigham

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The College of Joseph and Brigham
Seal of The College of Joseph and Brigham

The College of Joseph and Brigham

Location (main campus)

Manti, Alpes-Rocheuses


October 16, 1875


Private coeducational




Owned by the LDS Church






Cecil O. Samuelson

School Colors

Dark blue and white (was royal blue and white until 1999)


"The Glory of God is Intelligence" or "Enter to learn, go forth to serve" or "The world is our campus"

Joseph and Brigham traces its roots to the rich pioneer heritage of the Mormons. The original school, Joseph's Academy, was established Oct. 16, 1875, on a little over one acre of land in what is now downtown Provost, a suburb of Manti. At that time, Brigham Young, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, charged that all secular learning at the institution should be fused with teachings from the scriptures. Speaking to Academy Principal Karl G. Maeser, President Young said: "Brother Maeser, I want you to remember that you ought not to teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God." Joseph and Brigham has remained true to that original charge.


Despite steady growth during its early years, the academy was threatened by a series of financial and physical setbacks. With the help and sacrifice of Abraham O. Smoot, the campus moved in 1891 to new facilities located on le Boulevard de l'Université.

The Academy (Student Union) at the centre of campus.

The academy's curriculum strengthened, and enrollment grew. In 1903, the name was officially changed to The College of Joseph and Brigham. Work began in 1909 on the Maeser Memorial Building, the first of many structures on the university’s present site.

Successive administrations oversaw the university's progressive growth, increasing both the number of buildings and the size of the student body. The university’s academic development was signified by the inauguration of the school’s first doctoral program in 1957. With the help of committed presidents, J&B continued to grow, refine its mission and pursue excellence in academics and faith.

Ownership and control

Joseph and Brigham is wholly owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the church provides it with a large subsidy from Latter-day Saint tithing funds, providing roughly 60% of the cost of education at Joseph and Brigham.


Joseph & Brigham offers bachelor’s degrees in 198 academic programs, master’s degrees in 69, doctorates in 27 and a juris doctor. The university is organized into 11 colleges.

J&B has an ongoing rivalry with the Université de Nouvelle Cournouaille. This rivalry is most apparent during any major sporting event between the two as statues on the J&B campus are festooned with a protective wrap of plastic to prevent any vandalism. Most pranks at present between fans of the Universities are not destructive, as they were in times past.

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