The Cessation Of Innocence

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The Cessation Of Innocence is the first novel in a yet to be completed series of fantasy novels written by Alexander Bourdas. The story follows a set of characters through various ages in an alternate universe. The timeline of this universe in based upon various interpretations of ancient mythology, predominantly Greek and Roman. Each book is split into three acts which take place at different points in history. The novels are presently unfinished and unpublished.



The story in the first novel begins in The Kingdom, where a half satyr (demons who appear to be half goat and half man), half human warrior named Seirim meets The Lord of The Kingdom, Abbadon. This meeting will forever change his life, as he is given the task of killing Set, the leader of a group of warriors determined to destroy The Kingdom. Seirim's family was killed by Set years earlier, and as Seirim embarks on the quest, he begins to question himself. He begins to wonder whether he is truly fighting for revenge or justice, and it is left ambiguous whether Seirim is a force of Good or Evil. He is joined in this colossal undertaking by: Baal, Abbadon's right hand and the most ruthless warrior to have ever lived; Ishtar, an assassin looking for a deeper meaning to her life; and Kain, a zealot who will stop at nothing to acheive his goals, but what these goals are is a mystery to all around him.

Main Characters

File:Pan Meyers.png
An example of a Satyr
  • Set is the leader of a rebellion in the first novel.
  • Seirim is half human and half satyr. He is seeking revenge against Set for the murder of his family.
  • Abbadon is The Lord of The Kingdom, known either as a tyrant, or as the just champion of the Gods.
  • Ishtar is an assassin given an aristocratic upbringing as one of The Kingdom's elite upper class, but despite this she feels lost and confused.
  • Kain is a demon who was once a man. He has motives understood by no one, and will not stop until he has achieved exactly what he wants.
  • Baal is a barbarian surrounded by mystery and fear. He is never seen without his armour, and rarely seen without his weapons. He is volatile and unpredictable, and only follows rules when he has no other choice.


The Cessation Of Innocence is heavily influnced by ancient mythology, particually that of Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and Babylon. So much so that it is almost a melange of these, though the novel also features numerous additions and creations. For example, Set, a character featuring largely in the first act of the first novel, is inspired by the Set the Egyptian god of death. Though, it must not be thought that the two are the same or interchangeable; Set is more based on and an expansion of the Egyptian god. There are also numerous references to Biblical themes and creatures, (largely The Old Testament) such as the character Seirim. His name refers to his race, a people who are half human and half satyr. This is typical of the novel, as his name is influenced by, without being identicle to, its reference.


The series takes place at various different points in the timeline and there is a very noticeable change in the technology avaiable. The technological evolution is largely similar to that of the real world, though obsolete weaponary such as crossbows are often still used when technologically superior weaponary is available. The novel also features various unique and dissused weapons.

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