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Known Television Broadcasters

  • ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation)1
  • Al-Jazarya
  • Bayan-1 (formerly TKN-1); Turkestani broadcaster owned by Bayan Telecommunications
  • BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • CBS (Cambro-American Broadcasting System)
  • CTT (Corporazione Toscana di Teletransmissione--Tuscan Broadcasting Corporation), southern Italian news corporation.
  • CYP (Arvorec Broadcasting Company)
  • Eurovidere Network
  • France 24, originally known as Canal Franco-Romand des Informations International, or CFII, a French Language International News Group
  • LBC Louisianne Broadcasting Company
  • VoJo (Ja Voc Joeva, Jervan National Broadcasting Company)
  • NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation)
  • NABC (North American League Broadcasting Company)
  • PBN (Public Broadcasting Network)
  • PRF (Ten Pémiš Runtfunk unt Fernsén; Bohemian Radio and Television Broadcasting)
  • RTÉ (Raidió Telifís Éireann) (Irish state broadcaster)
  • Télé-Intendance (government sponsored broadcasting network in New-Francy)
  • Télé-Laurentie (publicly sponsored broadcasting network in New-Francy))
  • RR (Rikets Radio)
  • Télé-Cogeco (private broadcasting network in New-Francy))
  • Télé-Maisonneuve (private broadcaster in New-Francy))
  • Telefornia (Government sponsored network in Alta California
  • TPI (Teletransmissione Piemontese Internazionale--Piedmontese International Broadcasting), a northern Italian broadcasting network that also broadcasts internationally in many languages.
  • Univisión (Private broadcasting network in Alta California. Broadcasting replaced by Galavisión, it acts as the parent corporation)
  • VTV (Vatanlıq Televijisi); Turkestani state broadcaster
  • Xayat; Turkestani private broadcaster

Known Broadcasting Unions

Known Production Studios

  • Egmont-Nordisk A/S
  • Hudek Studios
  • Warner Brothers Productions, Ltd.
  • Barrande Študio, Prák, AK
  • Ti Traj Kameráti, Clin, AK (famous Central European studio of animated movie)

Known Television Shows

Note 1:Also used in English to refer to the CYP, the Arvorec Broadcasting Company

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