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Team Omega is a secret government sponsored team of superheroes in the fictional universe of Chicago Press. Most of its members are neohumans.


  • Cyberion is the leader and founder. He is not a neohuman but has received various cybernetic implants that allow him to fly, demonstrate super-strength, emit force beams from his wrists, etc. His real name is Guillaume Vaubret and he has been a covert intelligence and counter-terrorism operative for the Commonwealth for years. To put it mildly, he is tough-as-nails and not very patient. Yet is also a brilliant tactician and is rightfully proud of getting "his people" out alive.
  • Wormhole, whose real name is August Roosevelt, is a neohuman teleporter, barely twenty years old from a poverty-striken section of Atlanta. He was recruited, and, in return, his family has been given a whole new lease on life--medical treatments, private schools, a new job for his father, etc. Wormhole is still uneasy about taking part in violence but he is learning, determined to be a hero. Unfortunately, he either has to see where he is teleporting to, or be very familiar with it. He can also only carry approximately his own body weight other than himself.
  • Liche refuses to divulge her real name. She is the most disturbing member of the team, discovered after a natural disaster in which her powers first manifested. Simply put, Liche is a life-vompire. Her cells draw essential nutrients and life energy from other living things with which she comes in contact. After surviving an avalanche in which most of her bones were broken and her internal organs ruptured, her power managed to keep her alive by killing all those she was touching. Acting on instinct she reached out to others, killing them and restoring her system. This is an ongoing process. She is not incapable of ingesting regular food. Most injuries to her body heal, especially when she draws the life from multiple animals beforehand. She can also seriously damage someone simply by touching them. Not surprisingly, she is emotionally unstable and were it not for a desire to "redeem" herself would possibly commit suicide.
  • Halloween is a professional thief by the name of Janos Rilken. He's also a neohuman shapeshifter who figures it is better to work for the government that stay locked up in solitary confinement. He is also "tagged" under his skin he can be traced, and has learned the hard way that there's more than one tag. He is charming, ruthless and very handy in a tight situation.
  • Golem (aka Marie LeVeaux) is another criminal, a paraplegic "possessive telepath" who never leaves the cell where she is confined. Instead, she inhabits a manequin purpose-built for the five hours out of every 24 she can leave her body. She cannot, as it happens, possess another human being (so far) but can animate a certain type of clay with which she feels an affinity. The clay form can reshape itself at her will. She was imprisoned for putting her abusive step-parents in the hospital.
  • Black Mantis is the only member of the team to lack anything like a superpower. He is a martial arts expert of truly extraordinary skill who apparently joined as a means of perfecting his art. He claims to have deliberately forgotten his "real" name.


Team Omega has had to deal with multiple threats on a large scale.

  • The Imperium is a secret society with origins going back at least into the 19th century, composed of various factions seeking as much wealth and power as possible. It has begun using neohuman henchman more frequently, and there is little doubt some of its own high officials have super-powers as well.
  • Triacus is a neohuman of extraordinary strength and endurance, who has made himself the dictator of the east european nation of Burgoslovenia. He says that his land is a haven for the oppressed neohumans of the world, but in fact he rules with an iron fist.
  • The Disciple is professional assassin who, in the wake of a near-death experience, has decided to use his considerable skills towards what he regards as God's work. This means the murder of every single neohuman on Earth.
  • The Langstrom Seven is a neohuman criminal organisation, with a highly enigmatic leader. Although they quest for human-neohuman equality, most of their methods are questionable.
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