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Taylor Gray (born 1941) is the Scottish member of the Viceregal College, representing Queen Diana of Scotland in the NAL. She is a career diplomat from Rhode Island, most famous for having been the NAL's spokesperson to the League of Nations during the Florida War (appointed by GM Clinton and one of the few to continue their posts in the Gore administration) as well as being the twin sister of screenwriter/actor Spalding Gray (1941-2004). She first became well-known as a prominent witness to the assassination of James Wainwright in 1980, having stood less than twelve feet from the General Moderator when he was shot. Appearing before the Gregor Commission, her testimony helped make her famous but had relatively little impact on her career in the foreign service.

In 2007 the Scottish Caucus of Parliament nominated her to succeed Bruce Stanfield as Scottish Viceroy, and she was confirmed by Her Majesty. She was installed on November 5, 2007, in the Capitol building in Philadelphia.

Preceded by:
Bruce Stanfield
Scottish Viceroy
Succeeded by:
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