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El Municipio de Tampa (Castilian)
The Municipality of Tampa (English)
Flag of Tampa
National motto: La Gran Guava
 Official: Castilian
 Others: English, Haÿtian Creole
 Capital: Tampa
 Other: none
Primer Ministro: Ricardo Greco
Area: 1,311 km²
Population: 1,147,120 people
Independence: from Ireland (Provisional Mandate)
 Date: September 15, 2006
Currency: Peso provisorio; 1$ = 8 reales = 64 soles; 5$ = AÉ£1
Organizations: South Florida

Tampa, long the home of the Irish Peacekeeper's command center moved quickly toward autonomy. It was granted full self rule as a "Christmas Present" on December 25, 2006. However, the Irish have maintained forces in South Florida to further train the South Floridian Army and Police Forces. Rumors in foreign press suggest that the Irish are not about to leave South Florida with the possibility of chaos in the eastern half of the nation.

Tampa is the site of the South Floridian Constitutional convention.

Proposed South Florida flag   Members of South Florida Confederation   Proposed South Florida flag
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