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(moved from the Russia page, where it had been stalled temporarily)


Just beware of the PFLS! (think IRA or ETA *here* for comparison...)

BP Jonsson, 5662:

>Perhaps Slovakia could be painlessly be replaced by Slevania? Or otherwise, maybe Czechia could be an alternative?

"Possibly, tho I like the political and loan-linguistic aspects of Slevania having been part of Hungary!"

Jan van Steenbergen, 6130:

"Slovakia does not exist anymore; it has been replaced by Slevania, and its language is Slevanek, a Slavo-Romance language created by B.P. Jonsson. It was not easy to see on your map of the Balkan if Slovakia is a part of Hungary, but it was presumed so. That's why Slevania is still a part of Hungary, but not a happy one :) "

BP Jonsson, 5712:

>Then it's yours! (You do have your robes and six quid entrance fee, I hope!?) I also appreciate your wish to >keep Slevania part of Hungary. It makes for an interesting perspective to partake of a conlang that >is not the majority in its own country.

"Just beware of the Vrõtj Poplarj pru Lebracunj die Slevania! (think IRA or ETA *here* for comparison...)"

Ferko, 6175:

> > Yes, the Uplands (Slovakia, or Slevania) are part of Hungary. > > Are you sure about that? When I was reading some older IB-messages you wrote, I found some references to Slovakia as an > independent country (msg. 3865 and 3952).

"Those two messages are correct. Though I'm partly right too, since what is *here* western Slovakia (Bratislava to Velky Krtis), is Hungary *there*. So, we have to go by message 3865 as correct in the description of Slovakia and Hungary."

Ferko, 7138:

"Don't forget that the southewestern part of what is Slovakia *here* (Bratislava/Pozsony and environs) is part of Hungary."

Ferko, 6199:

>>(no autonomous areas in Hungary, since Hungary has personal autonomy laws rather than territorial), and Eastern Slovakia (the >>rest) would then be the independent Slevania (capital I would guess Kosice, if we base it on the previous description of >>Slovakia). > > I see. So there goes the VPLS out the door, unless they are after the part of Hungary which is western Slovakia *here*. What > would you think about that?

"Well, I don't know why not, and I don't know why. I have no clue as to the ethnic makeup of the Hungarian Uplands (as they refer to the territory north of the Danube), though I would venture similar to how it was in 1918 *here*, that is, the area along the Danube heavily Hungarian, with less and less Hungarians the further away you get from the Danube."

[Comment JvS: Oh well, perhaps the VPLS goes out the door, but at least you can have a "Vrõtj Poplarj pru Vynfikacunj die Slevania" instead ;) ]

Ferko, 6383:

> > I see that Slevania is a neighbour of the Lands of Bohemian Crown. If it is so, they could make a federation January 1, > > 1993, when *here* the federation was dissolved. > > Don't forget that Slevania is a Romance-speaking country. A federation with Bohemia is not so obvious as it was *here*.

"Do Bohemia and Slevania share a border? I was under the impression that Hungary stands between the two...or no?"

[Comment JvS: Yes, they do share a border, just like Czechia and Slovakia *here*. All this following your own description of the Central European borders in msg. 3865]


The current status of [PFLS]] (Póply Front Líbracjúni Slvanje) is that they constituted a resistance to the SNORist FNLS government, and continue to "resist" everyone to the right of themselves.

BPJ 10:47, 9 May 2005 (PDT)


I believe Slevan should be edited to make it Slavic. I just feel that Romance languages just seem to dominate in IB (Venedic, Xliponian, Cambrian, Slevan, Jovian, and Dalmatian), whilst other possible languages go to the wayside (Breton, more with Sanjaki, etc). It wouldn't be THAT difficult, as the language is based on both Romance and Slavic languages. And also, why would it be Romance? No real history spelled out for it... Seth 07:31, 10 November 2007

Don't forget Breathnach, Kerno, Laurentian, Narbonosc, Montreiano, Ladino, Lessinu, Helvetian, Elbic, Brzhonegh, and Judean! I think that the Baptized just like Latin :). Benkarnell 09:13, 13 November 2007 (PST)
slevanians are logically romanian, because it relates to existence of venedians ;) see:
more, it will be damned difficult to convince BPJ, the creator of slevania, to change it... and honestly, i see no reason why to do it. ill bethisad is based on a presumption that romans did quite well in this alternative. Jan II. 01:11, 10 November 2007 (PST)
Woah, sacrilege! Almost as bad as proposing that Brithenig should be Celtic and not Romance! ;)
Slevan is not just a name we came up with because we thought it would be cool to have a Romance language in Slovakia as well. Slevan is a real conlang, not just a name. Benct came up with it only weeks after I started making the first sketches for Wenedyk. From that moment on, we have been working on both languages together. Coordinating our sound changes, working out a bit of history, and so on. So yes, Slevan is an indispensable part of IB; at least, not less so than Wenedyk.
And Slevan being a Romance language makes sense, too. The backstory is similar to that of Brithenig, with one difference: the Roman actually did own Britain for a longer period, while in the case of Transdanubia they only tried so, but failed. In IB, they had more success. Enough, at least, to romanise the local population of the region, probably a mix of Marcomans and other Germanic-speaking tribes, Celts and perhaps a few early Slavs. Part of the Przeworsk culture (the Lugii) got romanised as well. This made the local culture a bit stronger than *here*, so that when the "real" Slavs came from the east (the ancestors of the Poles and the Slovaks), they were absorbed by the local culture and not vice versa.
That is, at least, the backstory in a nutshell of both Slvanjek and Wenedyk the way I see it. The details are being worked on. —IJzeren Jan Uszkiełtu? 03:51, 10 November 2007 (PST)
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