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I just changed the name of the Persian jet in the picture (in the Weaponry subsection), as the Oltenian Air Corps article says that the V-9 Meteor is a propeller plane. If anyone with a stake in the FK military wants to change the jet's name and designation to something else, feel free. Or if anyone wants to claim that the jet is made by someone else, go right ahead. It looks like a retouched Gloster Meteor of *here's RAF, so I gave it to the FK, and tried to think of a vaguely appropriate and unique name (ie not "Dragon" despite its Kemr associations, as there's already a Dragen fighter plane). Geoff

Indeed the plane I putted in the image is an old Gloster Meteor. No problem about the change from oltenian-made to FK-made. In fact Persia buyed weapons from many origins and if Oltenia didn't sell them the V-9 Meteor they surely sold them something else.--Pedromoderno 13:26, 8 September 2008 (UTC)
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