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Wow. This guy seems like fun. Probably the subject of a history novel or two of the swashbuckling variety I shouldn't wonder. Maybe some movies! IB's version of Ivanhoe or Captain Blood perhaps???? What would the English version of his name be? Owain Thomas? Zahir 11:01, 9 October 2005 (PDT)

His counterpart *here* is generally referred to either as "Yvain de Galles" or "Owain Lawgoch". "Owen Redhand" I suppose would be the best English version *there*. FWIW, I've always pictured *there's* Owain as strong, brave and noble, but ultimately thick as pigshit- hence threatening to burn down a building made of rocks on top of a large rock (i.e. this one: ) Deiniol 11:57, 9 October 2005 (PDT)
I don't see any reason why such pesky facts should get in the way of a good yarn, either on paper or celluloid. Look at Richard III or Robin Hood or even Braveheart! Zahir 23:15, 9 October 2005 (PDT)
Heh, indeed not. However, it might be more amusing to have Owain as something of an anti-hero who succeeds admirably in spite of rather than due to his abilities! Also, FWIW, I picture him as looking vaguely like a mediaeval version of Obelix. Deiniol 06:35, 10 October 2005 (PDT)
Why not have more than one version? Oh, and who is Obelix? Zahir 07:04, 10 October 2005 (PDT)
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