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Was New Sweden Restored to the SR (or Sweden) at some point, or did *here*'s Delaware simply retain the name? --Sikulu 6 Jan 2006, 15:12 (GMT)

New Sweden has a similar relationship to the SR that, say, Massacheussets does to England. Residents of NS "owe allegience" to the Scandinavian monarch, but in reality, none of the provinces, NS and NI included, have direct connections to the old country. They're American provinces and come under the jurisdiction and jurisprudence of the NAL.
Now, there are means by which a sort of condominium state exists in these provinces. Residents might be able to emigrate to the SR more easily than residents of Jacobia. The SR, the CoN and the NAL form a sort of trade bloc in the NAL and work closely as allies because of these ties. The SR and NAL conduct shared military exercises. The Queen of the SR might be called upon to perform some royal duty in NS (she ìs one of the monarchs of the NAL, after all).
It would probably not be exact to say that NS was "restored to" the SR, since in a certain real sense, it's not part of the SR any more than Mass. is part of the FK. In other words, if the SR went sour and broke away from its very friendly relations with the CoN, guess where NS would end up? That's right, it's a province of the NAL! Elemtilas 09:13, 6 January 2006 (PST)

Parts of the history section are clearly taken from *here*, referrign, for example, to the United States. I don't know where Kristiaan had the POD for New Sweden, so I won't attempt to edit it. Nik 12:39, 22 March 2006 (PST)

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