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Frank George Valoczy writes about New Iceland flag and history:

Well, I think New Iceland *there* started the same way as *here*, that is, they were given the land on condition that they see to everything themselves and not expect help from outside, de facto Lýðveldið Nýja-Ísland was an independent state, it had its own Constitution (made public in an issue of Framfari, I have a reprint of it *somewhere* amongst my small collection of newspapers, mostly Heimskringla from Winnipeg) and government and everything. The outside (Canada *here*, whoever *there*) only became interested once the Vesturíslendingar had established everything on their own.

This would mean that New Iceland *there* too was established as an entity independent of both the NAL and the SR, and only subsequently did they join these two 'organisations', naturally decided through popular referendum (cf. the referendum on joining Manitoba *here*). This being the case, the fact that it was a country independent of the SR, warrants having a unique flag - I'd say, the blue Dannebrog. This was, then, the flag of Lýðveldið during its rather brief period of full independence, and then of the Province of New Iceland (still called a lýðveldi mainly for tradition/historical reasons). Following accession into the SR, new flags were introduced in line with those of the other members of the SR. It is these new flags which are used to represent New Iceland as a member of the SR outside the NAL. Inside the NAL, the provincial blue Dannebrog is used (at Philadelphia, for example). At the Þingi in Gimli, both the blue ensign and the red SR-type ensign are used simultaneously, to show both the status as a province of the NAL and a member of the SR.

In fact, in most cases where a flag would be officially displayed, both ensigns are used. In private use, either is acceptable and both are indeed used commonly, oftentimes both at once.

The man regarded as the 'father' of New Iceland is Sigtryggur Jonasson.


Lýðveldið appears to mean "Republic", based on Wikipedia:Iceland. Would it really be called "Republic of New Iceland"? Nik 12:42, 22 March 2006 (PST)

Ferko thinks so. See above. Deiniol 13:39, 22 March 2006 (PST)
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