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Is the planet Ganzar or Danzar?

I was trying to change all the references to Ganzar Prime. I just find myself using too many "D" names. Then the idea of calling it Thanzar occurred to me, but that is just one letter from Thangar (isn't that Hawkman's planet?). If you have an alternate name, I'm will to go for it. Zahir 22:56, 28 October 2005 (PDT)
Thanagar - it just spiraled into its sun in the DCU.

Suzanne Dale

I see a lot about Joculatrix, but what about Suzanne Dale? Both are described as teenagers, but Suzanne seems older (emotionally, at least). Suzanne Dale is described as a teenager at her first appearance. Joculatrix is not described as a teenager (assuming flirting is just part of her nature), although she could be. What is the age and emotional relationship between the two female support characters?Theophilus88

The Dales

Are Harry Dale and Suzanne Dale related to Daphne Dale or is this one of those "comic book writers have a limited stocks of names" gags? The military/technological aspect would suggest 'yes' to Millenarians (Millenium Comics fans).Theophilus88

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