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The Epinette de Vosges

Question: What is the Jovian word for "epinette", a kind of musical instrument from the Vosges region of France? Etymologically descended from Latin "spina", and would probably be related to Mid.Fr. espinette.

The epinette kind of looks like a rectangular American dulcimer (which is in fact a descendant of the epinette), has five strings (two chanterelles, three bourdons -- there's two more words you can devise for J!) and is plucked with a thorn-like quill. Hence the name. And for that matter, what is Vosges called in Jovian? See:,-epinettes-and-the-/epinette1.lwp/odyframe.htm for information on the instruments of the region. Elemtilas

Hmmm, SPINA ends up as pfina [pfi:n], with the diminutive pfionul ['[email protected]@l]. "Spinelet" doesn't seem that fitting a name for a boxy instrument, though. Maybe lira greiwa [li:r grejv] "lap lyre" or liorul ['[email protected]@l] "lyrelet"?
The Vosges is called Voscu [vASk].
The instrument is named for the "thorn-like" quill used to pluck the strings. Hm. "Liorul de Voscu"? How would "e(s)pinette" end up if the word were borrowed from French? Elemtilas

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