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The 1865 Morant bay rebellion was brutally repressed, which lead the FK to elevate Jamaica to a Crown Colony, in some ways abrogating the SLC treaty. - Seems to me that's a lot more than just "in some ways abrogating the SLC treaty". Seems to me that'd pretty much amount to the FK taking land away from the NAL! I'd think that the FK itself wouldn't've had any say in the matter Nik 23:43, 2 January 2006 (PST)

A Proposal

A small proposal: with the freedom of movement offered by the Covenant, Jamaica and the Bahamas have had a great cultural influence on the rest of the NAL, especially Mobile and Cherokee provinces. Large cities in those two provinces have a strong Caribbean element. Immigrants have moved in the other direction as well, so that both Jamaica and the Bahamas have substantial numbers of people of white and Cherokee descent. Ben, 9-XI-08"

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