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Particularly reduced in the Middle East??

It would seem to me that, Persia notwithstanding, the Middle East is still vèry much Muslim. Christianity doesn't really seem to be all that prominent outside of the Assyrians and the Arab Christians of the Levant, and there is no mention of Buddhism being prominent anywhere in the Middle East. While the fact that Turkey's territory is much reduced from *here* may also be a contributing factor, Armenia's portion is in what is *here* an essentially depopulated region of Turkey. (Admittedly, that's due to the Armenian Genocide, but there are parts of the historical Armenian provinces which are outside *there*'s Armenia.. and from what I understand the genocide was less vicious only because a bigger part of Armenia became independent.) So... Why does it say that Islam is less important "particularly in the Middle East"? If anything, it seems most of the reduction in the Muslim population *there* compared to *here* comes from Southeast Asia--the removal of Muslims from that region alone results in an almost 20% reduction in the global population of IB's Islam! Juan Martín Vélez Linares 17:01, 13/3/2016 (CDT)

I believe Islam is rather prominent in the Middle East being by far the main faith of the region. Only non-Muslim majority countries of the Middle East are probably Persia (where I'm sure even so has a large Muslim minority) and Judea. If you consider Georgia and Armenia as middle eastern countries these might be the only Christian states of the region. Cyprus is probably half Christian half Muslim. Lebanon must have a large Christian minority but I'm sure most of all is a Muslim majority country. All the others I'm sure are much Muslim, apart from the Himyar Kingdom (a constituent of the Thousand Emirates) which is a Jewish majority entity. Islam is also the most prominent religion in the Moghul National Realm and Sindh, so as possibly rather important in some other countries of the Indian subcontinent. More east possibly only Atjeh is a Muslim majority region.--Pedromoderno 18:07, 15 March 2016 (PDT)
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