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Is it too much to ask for adding romanizations in the headings? In particular the present policy makes the TOC pretty darn useless for us Hebrew-challenged... BPJ 14:15, 8 Jun 2005 (PDT)

BTW what *is* known about romanization of Hebrew in IB? I guess both Judea and Mueva Sefarad have their official systems? BPJ 14:17, 8 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Yup... Judea's system is more etymological, with things like qu for /k>/. I made up a system a while ago, when i considered having Judajca be officialy bialphabetic, but i may end up changing it. It used something like c for /k/, x for /t>/, and z for /s>/, but i'm thinking of making it even more etymological, with digraphs, or more intuitive, with letters with dots or something. There's a "full" style, with diacritics (macrons to distinguish vowels, cedillas to mark fricative allophones), and a "defective" style which is just the base letters.

Mueva Sefarad's system looks pretty much like Romanized Ladino *here*, except with č ǰ š for /tS dZ S/. I'm not sure yet how they deal with romanizing the Native languages written in Hebrew-Ladino orthographies. Boroparkpyro 02:12, 9 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Boro, would you be able to add a blerb on Yevanic as well? I really haven't found anything on the language except "Mix of Hebrew and Greek. Spoken in Thessaloniki. Died off in WWII. No native speakers left". This really puts a damper on everything, since even though I'm fascinated by the Jewish history of Greece, I know very little about it. Misterxeight 03:50, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

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