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Is Gwilelmin based on a real world model? If so who?

Do you have any idea as to what the two works (the Castreleon and Antarctic Symphonies) might sound like, i.e., an existing work that has a similar feel to it?

Gwilelmin = Ralph Vaughan Williams. The Antarctic Symphony does exist, the Castreleon Symphony would be the equivalent of the London Symphony. I have not speculated on Vaughan Williams' other popular pieces, The Lark Ascending or A Fantasia on a Theme of Tallis. This stub needs fleshing out by someone with more knowledge of a technical appreciation of modern Classical music than I have. (I still have figure what to do with Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler and Catatonia :)
I think we played his English Folk Song Suite in high school. If he's the same prodigious composer *there* as *here*, I think we can expect largely the same corpus. Though we might find some differences like "Kemrese Folk Song Suite". There may be some minor differences in thematic material, but I would expect no great changes need to be made.
As a collector of, presumably, Kemrese folk songs, he may well have travelled to America to collect from there as well. And no doubt he was familiar with Doctor Quidgereys Notebook: both the original collection of Kemrese folk tunes and the more modern collection of British folk tunes in general. The latter dates to about the 1870s or 1880s and has been added to considerably over the past decades.
No doubt he is familiar with the Good Doctor's Notebook, and it influenced his own compositions. - AndrewSmith 20:01, 11 March 2007 (PDT)

Are we right in assuming he's a nephew of heretical priest and naturalist Carol Darwinhiwn as Williams is of Darwin *here*?


Were the Wedgewoods into pottery *there*?

The Wedgewoods were probably into something! I expect they're part of the landed gentry of Lla Ferch. More may be revealed if I ever see a reliable etymology of the family name. - AndrewSmith 20:01, 11 March 2007 (PDT)
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