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Is it only a radar platform, then? Or is it the 3x5 miles per Wikipedia?

The radar platform thing is probably a reference to Sealand *here*. --Marc Pasquin 18:39, 11 September 2006 (PDT)
Indeed, that was the intended reference.

Why don't we bring this out a bit more? Also, judging from the GWII maps, it would appear this nation was invaded by the HRE. Is this so? Seth 3:35 17 Sept. 2006

This has now been addressed in the article.


Wait... Would Grand Fenwick be part of the Commonwealth? I'll have to ask on the mail, unless someone would please clarify. Seth 2:14, 21 Sept. 2006

Probably not otherwise the NAL invasion gag is out the window. --Marc Pasquin 19:30, 20 September 2006 (PDT)


Is it possible that I adopt Grand Fenwick? I would love to flesh it out a little... Seth 05:36 August 7, 2007

If you like! It's the sort of place where all sorts of interesting things could happen and folks could be found. If you haven't, read the book and / or watch the movie to give you an idea of what goes on there and why.
Just remember: no NAL invasion! Elemtilas 18:02, 8 August 2007 (PDT)
I read the book, and even run a "nationstate" (Jennifer Government online game...) named after it (Grand Fenwick13). And the whole reason for me taking it is to have some interesting side notes in IB history. Seth 07:33, 9 August 2007

Some ideas?

If any of you have any ideas for Grand Fenwick, you need only state them. I will take them into consideration (though this may be put on hold due to a family trip here in a few days). Seth 07:41, 9 August 2007

And help is always appreciated! Seth 08:05, 9 August 2007

Do you want to go with the flag described in the book? A double-headed eagle, each head holding a tiny scroll--one says "Yay" and the other "Nay." Or something original? (Okay, I saw the link at the bottom and put it in the infobox) Zahir 08:49, 11 August 2007 (PDT)
Actually, it's "Aye" and "Nay".
Of course, the original flag doesn't have to be kept, but I've always rather fancied that design. There must be something particular about the Fenwickian character that would cause them to put "aye" and "nay" on the flag that way. Even if the birdie goes away, I think the 'motto' should appear on any G.F. flag design. G.F. is known primarily for its forests, its vineyards and its wine. Those sound like logical starting points, should it be deemed necessary to change the flag. Elemtilas 10:05, 11 August 2007 (PDT)
I like it all, though, and I think we shouldn't drop the flag; I think it's bordering on QSS. :) BoArthur 16:14, 11 August 2007 (PDT)

The Flag

If you think there should be a different flag, come up with a few proposal flags, and we'll decide whether we should keep the original, or change it. Seth 23:06, August 17 2007

Zahir's Fenwick designs
I played around a bit and come up with some variations... Honestly, I did these for fun and if you'd rather not use'em, fine. <g> Zahir 09:21, 18 August 2007 (PDT)
Out of your proposals, I like "b" best (traditional flag with red bars on either side), and if it is decided that the flag must be changed, would support that one. I like "c" the least (it seems disproportional), and I don't really like the circles much better. Elemtilas 11:04, 18 August 2007 (PDT)
It strikes me that even if we keep the traditional flag, you'll have to devise one for the HRE's occupation. Perhaps the Fenwickian eagle centered on the HRE's yellow and black cross? Perhaps without the "Aye" and "Nay", in order to emphasise that there really isn't a choice? Elemtilas 11:08, 18 August 2007 (PDT)
I like F, personally, and I like Padraic's suggestions for the occupation of the HRE. BoArthur 11:27, 18 August 2007 (PDT)
If I had to choose a new flag, I'd go with either "b" or "g". I have a flag for the HRE occupation, and I'll upload it later... Seth 03:25, 19 August 2007

This is the flag that was forced upon Grand Fenwick during it's short occupation by the HRE. What do you think? Seth 20:13 19 September 2007

I like it! Zahir 07:56, 7 October 2007 (PDT)

Ecotopic Party

Make sure to add that to the list of the Ecotopic Party. BoArthur 11:25, 18 August 2007 (PDT)

Will do... Seth 03:27, 18 August 2007
The article is looking very good indeed! Elemtilas 17:01, 19 August 2007 (PDT)

Official Language

Please note that Xliponia also has English as one of its official languages! Kyrmse 11:21, 17 September 2007 (PDT)

Actually, English is in the "other languages" of Xliponia, it is not official. Seth 17:39, 7 October 2007
Well, since the Xliponian Constitution explicitly states that "ยง4 - The official languages are Xliponian (Serm Xliponia) and English (Serm Anclic)", I'll have to change that on the Xliponia page, and will do so forthwith... Kyrmse 05:07, 11 October 2007 (PDT)

Grand Fenwick's Grand Duke/Duchess list...

I came up with a full list of Grand Fenwick's monarchs today. Here it is:

  • Roger I - Founded Grand Fenwick, ruled from 1370 to 1381
  • Roger II - Son of Sir Roger, ruled from 1381 to 1392
  • Roger III - One of the few leaders of Grand Fenwick to rule from afar. 1392-1398
  • Roger IV - 1398 - 1415
  • Roger V - Attempted to sell Grand Fenwick, but gave up three days later. Assumed to have had ADD-ADHD. 1415-1416
  • Roger VI - 1416-1422
  • Alexander I - Greatly hated by the people due to his harshness. Is said to have executed 200 people during his reign. 1422-1430
  • Roger VII - Son of Alexander I, killed his father and assumed the throne. 1430-1440
  • George I - First of three German Grand Dukes. Ruled from afar. 1440-1456
  • George II - 1456-1460
  • Alexander II - 1460 to 1469. Last German Duke.
  • Gloriana I - Wife of Alexander. When he passed away, she was pregnant with his child, and chose to fill the seat until her son was born. 1469
  • Alexander III - Inherited throne at birth. Was born with a small limp, and is assumed to have been insane (he wanted to wage war on his neighbors until he had a connection with the sea). 1469-1503
  • Roger VIII - 1503-1515
  • George III - 1515-1517. Assumed to have been poisoned by his wife, the Duchess Gloriana II.
  • Gloriana II - 1517-1518. Assumed the throne after the passing of her husband.
  • Gloriana III - 1518-1530. Daughter of George and Gloriana. First Duchess to travel to Paris and London.
  • Alexander IV - 1530-1537
  • Frederic I - When Alexander IV died, he had twin sons. Frederic I was assumed the oldest, and took the throne. Inherited the throne at age 3. 1538-1545
  • Frederic II - Brother to Frederic I. 1545-1598
  • Frederic III - Traveled to Judea for two years. 1598-1601
  • Frederic IV - 1601-1620
  • Frederic V - Greatly increased taxes. Most likely poisoned to death. 1620-1634
  • Alexander V - 1634-1643
  • George IV - 1643-1652
  • George V - Murdered by Louis I, first French ruler. 1652-1670
  • Louis I - 1670-1677. Forced French to be the court language. greatly disliked.
  • George VI "the Warrior" - Ruled from abroad, and was often joining in a war. 1677-1684
  • George VII " the Pious" - Traveled to Rome, London, and Paris. 1684-1690
  • Alexander VI "the Proud" - Got into three duels in his lifetime over his pride. 1690-1707
  • Louis II "the Humble" - Second French ruler, but did not force French on anyone. 1707-1720
  • Louis III - Inherited the throne at age ten. Was very sickly, and is amazing on how long he did live. 1720-1738
  • Louis IV - Built the now famous "Fenwick Vineyard". 1738-1751
  • George VIII - Built Grand Fenwick's first school. 1751-1777
  • Gloriana IV - First Grand duchess to actually wield true power in the Grand Duchy. 1777-1780
  • Maria I - 1780-1785. Died of Pnemonia (?) at age 15.
  • Roger IX - First "Roger" in over 200 years. 1785-1799
  • Roger X - Signed several treaties with Napoleon, and allowed Napoleon to have a small Villa in the small country (Villa Bonaparte, which is still in the hands of the Bonapart family, who are close freinds with ruling family). 1799-1815
  • Gloriana V - 1815-1820
  • Gloriana VI - 1820-1830
  • Roger XI - 1830-1839
  • Gloriana VII - Began the "Gloriana Age." 1839-1844
  • Gloriana VIII - Ruled from London. 1844-1849
  • Gloriana IX - Cherished Grand Duchess. First to allow the nobility to marry citizens of Grand Fenwick (other than nobles, of course...). 1849-1857
  • Gloriana X - 1857-1860
  • Roger XII - Ruled from London. 1860-1879
  • Gloriana XI "the Great" - Established the "Written Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick." Much beloved, the citizens to this day celebrate May 22, her birthday, as "Gloriana Day.
  • Roger XIII - 1890-1917. Brought about the "Fenwickian Nationalist Movement," an attempt to promote the arts within Grand Fenwick.
  • Louis V - 1917-1923. First Duke to travel to the NAL-SLC. Came back with several teachers to teach in Fenwick School and College.
  • Roger XIV - 1923-1950. Ruled during GWII, was angered when the HRE invaded. Joined the Allies, if only in name.
  • Gloriana XII - born in 1932, Gloriana was Grand Fenwicks much beloved Grand Duchess for 57 years. Married Tully Bascomb (now deceased), a well traveled man from the Grand duchy. They had three kids, Tully jr., Marie and Henry. 1950-present
  • Tully I - Known affectionately as "Tully Junior". Ascended the throne on 10-OCT-2007.
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