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You know, I only get a mild sense of the man but what I do seems a likeable, honorable person. Nice touch that he evidently married for love. Question: The "depression" of his childhood, was that a personal emotional problem or were you referring to a major economic downturn? Another Question: The intolerance to which you refer--what form has that taken? Zahir 08:43, 5 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Very much the person I wanted him to be. I was sorry to let him die in his 70s but I needed something to push Kemr forward. Answer: major economic downturn, up to a quarter of the working population was unemployed. Another Answer: the intolerance was directed at foreign nationals living in Kemr. It took the form of vandalism, arson, and physical violence. There was at least one riot during the 1980s. The movement has become increasingly blurred with the criminal element in Kemr. It is strongest in the Kemrese March. The organisation associated with it is referred to as the Cos Nustr, obviously a mafia reference. - AndrewSmith
For Gloria Dawson I gave this gentleman a younger brother, Madrad, who died on the Gwenedd's Pride. Is there any problem with this? I don't want to step on anyone's toes. Zahir 12:56, 5 Oct 2005 (PDT)
I scripted him in to my description. He hasn't been named because I mentioned Gereint's first wife and I have never made any details on her, like what her name was, and what happened to her *biography for rent*. - 20:32, 5 Oct 2005 (PDT)

"The movement has become increasingly blurred with the criminal element in Kemr." And hopefully, if can be dampened if not entirely ereadicated, on those grounds. Heck, if the IRA can lay down arms *here* -- surely CN can fizzle *there*! Not yet, though -- I think it might still be seen in too decent a light. [PB]

When there is no more to be said about it then it can be allowed to fizzle out. While I'm not a fan of the CN concept it allows Kemr to cast a shadow. [AWS]

Sometimes I create artwork on the computer to relax. This is something I came up with, inspired by Gereint XIII. Submitted for approval...

Good King Gereint maybe?

Lovely image, it has that painted sepia look from early coloured photos. I only knew King Gereint in his last years so I imaged him as a fatherly figure. He had become very thickset by then, and baggy around the eyes; had lost a lot of his hair, so this is an early portrait (obviously an official one). We know that when he was attacked in 2000 he fought off his assailent(s). Obviously there still something inherited from King Rhoberth in him. He was a dapper man who strode around with some energy - people followed him.

Unfortunately when I wrote up his biography I discovered in his obit in 2004 I had written that his father was King Costenhin XIII. Which means we will have to re-script the Kings of Kemr *sigh*.

I imagine that Pedr V is a younger version of this image, same colour of hair, although it sticks out to the sides. I always say dreadlocks, but imagine it short and fine like ratstails. Favours darker suits for formal occasions.

No one seems to have got the joke, but Lady Catren is based on a Welsh-born Hollywood actress. (If that's not a hint then I don't think your deserve to know!) I think she is older and maturer than her counterpart *here*. Maybe throw in a bit of Sophia Loren?

Gion Boibont seems to be Tony Blair behaving badly. Perhaps a cross between Hugh Grant from Love, actually, and Anthony Head from Little Britain. Hair has gone iron-gray, styled like Jamie Oliver. Manages to wear a quality suit scruffy and untidily (crooked collar, loose tie - Gaius Baltar perhaps?) I have been enjoying trying to imagine Boibont for a long time :)

The official title of the King of Kemr is "Ill Teruin, King of Kemr Byr (Cambria Pura) and lla Merch (the March), and Companion-Commander of the Imperial Order of the Round Table". [hint]no work on the insignia for the Order has been done[/hint] - [AWS]

Catherine Zeta Jones? Zahir 22:03, 5 Oct 2005 (PDT)
[1]! --IJzeren Jan 23:04, 5 Oct 2005 (PDT)
too clever the pair of you :) nice poster, though - AndrewSmith
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