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I would think they would drop the attachment of France the first chance they got, much like Zaire *here* BoArthur

Ehh... As I recall, Luba, Lunda, Mongo-Kongo, Azande Chiefdoms, the Centrafrican Empire came from the former French colony called Ubangi-Chari... at least, that's how I was writing it when I wrote the stuff about this part of Africa... where's the French Congo name come from?

I think (but could be completely wrong) that someone at one point probably attributed that name as a calque of "belgian congo"--Marc Pasquin 17:23, 29 November 2005 (PST)
Yes. Another messy thing in our Africa discussion. I uttered the idea of a "Batavian Kongo", an equivalent of Belgian Kongo *here*, which could also make up for the fact that Batavia didn't have Indonesia *there*. At last we concluded that it wouldn't be realistic, so French Kongo is essentially the same thing as French Kongo *here*, while most Belgian Kongo consists of a bunch of native statelets. Luba, Lunda, Azande etc. were left untouched. The Batavians ended up with a small portion of land (I can't even recall the name right now) near the mouth of the Congo river. French Kongo, along with Gabon and a few other places (IIRC) were once part of one French Africa, but don't ask me for details about that. Didn't you participate in the discussion as well? I have some vague recollections... --IJzeren Jan 06:26, 30 November 2005 (PST)
Another thing, did Vissarionov institute 5-Year Plans? That was Stalin *here*, and I didn't know that that carried over *there*. BoArthur
I admit that I haven't given much thought to economic policies during snorist times. I suppose 5-year plans are not unthinkable. --IJzeren Jan 06:26, 30 November 2005 (PST)
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