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Florida Q&A

Some comments and responses on Florida:

Question: Is Florida a "two bit banana republic dictatorship"? I was under the impression that it's pretty well-off.

Response: It was indeed well off, but that was spoilt by years of mismanagement and corruption the effects of which are still felt to the present day.

Even now, no one takes Florida seriously. I know the world (and the SR in particular) have no great love or respect for Bush, though he is vèry much the reformer. [The Bush character *there* would have made a good 19th century US president *here*.] He is hampered by a terribly complex and byzantine burocracy and a sort of monied aristocracy that make up the Cortes and of course a terribly corrupt Justice System.

Well, he probably won't last too long at it. There are not a few in the Cortes (quite a few with money connexions in the Cruzans) that were not in favour of the Plan, are not in favour of his democratic reforms and blame him for the loss of Tejas. Jaime may have been a bumbling penny-ha-penny dictator, but he WAS an extra ace in Florida's pocket.

They have a couple other aces up various sleeves, mind.Incorporated.

Comment: Anyways, I think things would be very different if the SR did use the bomb on Florida, and we have established too much already. So we need to explain why the SR didn't use it.

Response: _At the time_, I simply doubt Florida was worth the effort. Keep in mind that the FK and the NAL neglected to persue Florida's advances in the Caribbean as well. Personally, I think their plan was simply to wait for a particularly corrupt dictator to come along and buy their territories out of hock. Clearly that strategy didn't work too well. Even if they had the bomb, the NAL would never use the thing; and I doubt any FK nation would nuke Florida over lost colonies.

Let's face it: Florida is NO Imperial Japan! Between thee and me, if the SR decided to simply trounce Florida, I bet they could take over everything but Florida and Cuba within a year. Of course, the FK and NAL will not want to be left out of liberating their own territories; such a war could probably be done within three months.Incorporated.

See also Jante's Law

After the Caribbean Plan went into effect, the Cruzans became more confident to decide over their own affairs and to express more openly what they think of the Hispanic population. When the homesteading system was reintroduced, the Hispanic population really began to feel persecuted by the Cruzan population. This situation, marred by the SR's use of piracy, destabilised the region and led to civil war, a coup and the eventual involvement of the Commonwealth, the Scandinavian Realm and France. End result: an atomic wasteland where once stood the lovely town of Charlotte Amalie, and the dismantling of Florida-Caribbea by those organisations that lost member territories.Incorporated.


This article, in the history section, says Bush was president from 1990, but the Bush article says he was elected in 2002. Which is correct? Nik 17:05, 2 May 2006 (PDT)

Quite frankly, 1990 makes more sense. If he was elected in 2002, he wouldn't've been in power very long, which makes it strange that he'd be so hated Nik 17:11, 2 May 2006 (PDT)Corrected

Situation in Florida

What happened to Florida since the F-C war? It's been quite a while since 2003; surely the situation must have stabilised by now! Does the Erdeka still control SE Florida (aside from Las Palmas)? What became of the Irish proposal for a Florida Commonwealth? Has the Caribbean League even been officialised, or have talks to create a state from various island governments fallen apart? The whole situation seems mighty unstable to me considering it's been 12 years! Juan Martin Velez Linares 16:58, 28 July 2015

Are you on Facebook and the Yahoo group? Jan Van Steenbergen will need to weigh in on this. For my part, (and I'm not the only contributor here), I think at least the non-Erdekan regions have moved forward to confederation, maybe even petitioning for admittance to the NAL OR Caribbean League. BoArthur 10:10, 29 July 2015 (PDT)
I am on the Yahoo group, but I do not have Facebook (if necessary, I can always create an account). From what you said, that seems probable, although I seem to recall they were excluded from the initial plan for the Caribbean League. Perhaps they were offered another shot? Juan Martin Velez Linares 14:53, 29 July 2015 (CDT)
I'd invite all interested in conculture to come have a look. And as for admission, maybe emotions may be done riding quite so high, perchance? TBH I haven't spared much thoughts with life of late.BoArthur 19:10, 29 July 2015 (PDT)
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