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It seems like the various reforms are leading this originally Pagan religion towards Christianity. Particularly the reduction of gods into the Christian trinity with Mary attached. Especially the last reform done by the Scandinavian priest. What are some of the basic doctrines, and how have they changed during the reforms? Elemtilas

I will try to finish the page ASAP. Yes, the basic plot is really a try to get it more and more Christian.
I have to compliment you (if you didn't nick this idea from somewhere!) on a novel approach towards conversion from Pagan to Christian! I think in some respects, Christianity was rather paganised in order to accomodate masses of European converts. This is sort of the reverse process!
On the other hand, behind the "official" christianisation, the popular rite still keeps offering to minor gods, also the faith associated with twins Pelpökku/Ssërnëpokku is strong. Also in different parts of country the popular names for Pokku are different. More important thing is, that only New Testament is officially part of Vera together with Book of Triglav (I still don't have a good name). I know that the problems with Vera classification stem in the incompleteness of presented information, but, as I said, I try to complete it soon. Jan II.
Seems I was hasty in assigning Vera a category without knowing more. Anyway, the thing about IB is that such things are not immediately writ in stone. Elemtilas
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