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To be quite honnest, I'm having trouble seeing the LoNE backing a republican based company especialy at that point in time. Not to say of course that individual might not have but you would expect the organisation itself back companies in either "neutral" or "proper" countries, not one which less then a decade ago was an ennemy.

That being said, if you need its origins to be linked with the LoNE, hows this: The LoNE set up a financial venture (call it the "caisse blanche" for now) in the late 18th or early 19th century to deal with various Emigrees affairs such as patrimony of orphan girls and underage noblemen whose parent were guillotined as well as giving emergency economical aid to loyalists. In other word, a sort of trust. As they took a biggere role in the economy of New-Francy and other countries, they would have truly become a bank.

two things can happen next:

1- At one point, they might have invested some of the money in a small noble-owned company in Louisiana that later merged with another company to form the Credit Louisianais. The LoNE today might then only be a minority shareholder.

2- they opened a branch in louisiana but due to anti-royalist tendencies (and probably some "local control" rules), they did so under a name that would be more acceptable and staffed by a localy born board of director (although the LoNE has a majority of shares)

--Marc Pasquin 18:04, 31 May 2005 (PDT)

You must bear in mind that CL was founded by disenfranchised Nobility of Louisianne, who were seeking a way to regain some form of their nobility. Thus, the LoNE supported them, knowing that it was held by Nobility, who by the ruthless Republicans were deprived of their god-given right to rule. D'you see? What do you think of this?
Still doesn't seem right to me. To take an example from *here*, I could see the US government giving money to a group of cuban exile but I don't think they'd send money to the island itself (openely anyway). If the bank had been created in the 20th century, maybe but as I said, thats still too close to the 1828 fracas.--Marc Pasquin 16:42, 1 Jun 2005 (PDT)

What if it wasn't openly known until recently when there's been a bit of detente? BoArthur

My problem is less with the openness of it then with the purpose: Why would the LoNE contribute to something wich will in the long run help the economy of louisiana ? If they kept full control of the CL it would on one hand help the LoNE insinuate itself into the power structure and on the other they might limit investments to those venture they consider "acceptable" (from the monarchist point of view).
Maybe I should have asked before: why do you want the LoNE to be implicated in its founding ?--Marc Pasquin 17:11, 2 Jun 2005 (PDT)
I suppose the only reason I want it included is the simple fact that It's just the character of NF to meddle in Louisiannan affairs. Now, what I see happening is the LoNE helping the founding and the Louisiannan nobility turning against them after a matter of a few years/decades...something, and of course that cheeses the LoNE off. That's mostly what I'm thinking. BoArthur
How about if the government of Louisianna ended up nationalising the company or seized the asset after a court case where some of the board were accused of colaboration with the ennemy of the republic ? The hatred would probably be stronger if LoNE members genuinely think Louisianna had screwed them (for example a change in accounting laws that was retroactive).
As to its original involvment, in my mind it would have to be something that seemed worthwhile the the league itself and somewhat safe, they wouldn't have given huge sums (a small amount and they wouldn't be so angry) without some form of guarantees they would see it back. In that sense, something they couldn't possibly predict (i.e. an LA's government's intervention) would be just the thing.--Marc Pasquin 08:26, 3 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Do you want to write that up? The way you described it is perfect, Marc. Let me know if you want to write it up. BoArthur

Proposal Status

Nik removed the proposal status on this and unless someone in the future expresses concern about CL buying out Banco Nacional de Tejas, this is now QSS. BoArthur

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