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I'm glad to see you have started on this as it is largely outside my historical knowledge. Note that Gwilelm did not become Toisag until 1646, although by 1641 he would have been a force in the Senate (the usual name for the Kemrese Parliament). His predessor is anonymous at the moment so you have a free hand there. It is possible that Gwilelm would be directly involved in the Kemrese campaign in Ireland. Donal II would have been King of Kemr for less than a year when the Confederate War began and would have been a contributing factor.

The Flight of the Earls would be "lla Ffyd di llo Ddôn" in Brithenig.

The Kemrese unrest would most likely be centred in the 'Parliamentarian' areas in Kemr: Glew (Gloucester) and Defed (Pembroke).

- AndrewSmith 22:36, 5 January 2006 (PST).

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