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Are we entirely sure that Brzhoneg is British romance? As I recall from the first Sessiwn Brzhoneg originates in Armorica, not Britain. Also, to be perfectly honest, QSS is all very well but Brzhoneg was abandoned and little definitive was written about it- I don't see how linguistically it can fit in to IB, especially as its creator is no longer interested in it. Deiniol

No, the early history of the Brzhona would be similar to that of the Bretons *here*: they crossed the Channel (just like Padraic's Brehonecq) and then moved East. That makes them British Romance indeed.
When Padraic and I "rediscovered" this old Sessiwn thread, I was quite thrilled that there was something known about the Batavian Kingdom at all! Before that, we knew little more than the name of the country and something about the royal house. Now, I know perfectly well that Ferko lost his notes and abandoned the project, but well, should that be a reason to immediately discard everything that we dó know about it? Let's face it: there are many countries and languages around that we know little more about it than their names. And in this case: I think the Brzhona can be integrated very easily into the Batavian Kingdom. In fact, it fits perfectly. But of course, if Ferko objects, I can remove it at any time!
IJzeren Jan 01:42, 12 Mar 2005 (PST)

Why should I object? In fact: Jan, if you want it, it's yours to do with as you please. Want them extinct? They're extinct. Want them a healthy and vibrant minority? That's what there are then! :) ForzaGloria

I think that we should go with it, long live the variation of the languages! BoArthur
At the moment, I tend to have them a healthy and vibrant minority. Well, and just accept that we don't know more about the language than the few samples you provided us with. Or, who knows, perhaps I'll simply adopt it! :)) IJzeren Jan 06:21, 14 Mar 2005 (PST)
Some of the grammar and similar would probably have to be changed. Since there is no Welsh or Cornish (P-Celtic from *here*), there can be no Breizh (P-Celtic daughter of archaic Cornish) from which to borrow. Otherwise, I can see no problem with adopting the idea into IB's Batavian Kingdom. Elemtias


Oops! You can tell this isn't my focus area in IB.BoArthur 17:10, 13 Mar 2005 (PST)

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