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I invite everyone else to add details, making the APD as entertaining as we all can manage (personally, the mixed metaphors alone give me a giggle). Zahir 23:35, 3 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Lovely! I suppose the APD will do anything to prevent Gion Boibont from visiting the NAL? ;) --IJzeren Jan 00:41, 4 Oct 2005 (PDT)
What about adding in a little religious intolerance? Pagans have a much higher profile *there* than *here*? Deiniol 06:48, 4 Oct 2005 (PDT)
Good point! Not long ago it was suggested that there could be a fairly huge Lithuanian community in the NAL. Most of them are undoubtedly pagans (balticists?) too, although they don't have the nasty habit of throwing people off cliffs! ;) Anyway, I can't guarantee their popularity among APD members! --IJzeren Jan 07:08, 4 Oct 2005 (PDT)
That is a good point! I was picturing the APD as a very right-wing, fundamentalist Christian organization who are probably still trying to get former GM Clinton indicted by somebody, somewhere. Another possible target of their ire--Obeah. I'm wondering if maybe this was a more popular faith among slaves in IB than *here* and has more modern adherents as a result. Likewise, they probably don't trust Mormons or the Native Tribes much. Zahir 07:31, 4 Oct 2005 (PDT)
Oi! What's wrong with Louisiannan films? And I wonder what Mr. Geoff "Cosh 'em When They Ain't Lookin'" Sessions has to say about them... BoArthur
Probably not much. Mr Sessions is mostly concerned, oddly enough, about political matters in Louisiana -- whether its concern over mismarking produce with "that cockamamy metrick rubbish" or the (real) fears of Louisiana spinning out of control. It is not generally known in the NAL, and I'm sure LA is trying to keep wraps on things, but there is news comming out of LA that all is not quĂ­te as rosy as President Young would have us east of the Mississippi believe. And of course, them "damned blue Martians they've got infiltrating the ranks of their military, against the day they march across the Pont dee Saint Louie. That's right, Larry, Martians as blue King Petey's blood." [PB]

APD stated agenda includes making some kind of "Broadcast Standards" department part of every major media outlet, and to insure that such BS departments adhere to "the traditional values of the North American nation, founded by and for decent citizens with a proper respect for the creator of the universe." That can't be an accidental abbreviation!  :) Nik 22:57, 16 March 2006 (PST)

You are correct. The abbreviation was deliberate. But in an amusing twist, it is also taken from real life. Zahir 04:44, 17 March 2006 (PST)

APD Lineup

How about this lineup for APD-approved comics?

1) MacBannai (sic - but real Israelite name) the BENJAMINITE - An Israelite warrior in the the days of the Book of Judges. The Canaanites dislike MacBannai because he is an Israelite, and the other Israelites dislike him because he is a Benjaminite.

2) The Wise Virgin - basically, an action hero with the personality of Mary Marvel

3) The Staff of Sinai (&Rod) - a demon-slayer with a rod from the burning bush. His sidekick is Rod. Also an anthology title.

4) The Seven Sentinels of Virtue - the APD's answer to other supergroups.

Heh heh heh. I likes it! Zahir 18:28, 7 February 2006 (PST)
What about the Auld and Nieuw Testaments? ;) BoArthur 18:35, 7 February 2006 (PST)
I would have thought "Illustrated Bible Stories" was a given. The Book of Judges seemed a good period for some flexible storytelling (the other three are more-or-less modern day). What would you have for the Nieuw Testament? "Timothy's Travels"?Theophilus88 20:52, 7 February 2006 (PST)


An all-male production of Gwilim Trammelpila's The Merchant of Milan by the American Shaxepere Company in New Amsterdam for "...injecting sodomy into classic literature where it does not belong." Hah! That's a good one :) Nik 21:48, 16 March 2006 (PST)

Thankee! Zahir 04:44, 17 March 2006 (PST)
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