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Lincoln was probably more of a Deist than a Lutheran. He was the last (known) Deist president; most of the early US prsidents were Deist as well: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Tyler.

Unless there's good reason to make of Abram Lincoln an actual Lutheran, I think we should alter this. [PB]

I just picked it becausee most of the US presidents seem to have been some denomination of protestants, and since there are/were a fair number of Lutherans in the Midwest....I thought that maybe *there* he would be one, too. BoArthur
No, I'm not complaining! It's just that I've been poking around the Wikipedia and there is a list of church affiliations for all the Presidents. When I read "Lutheran", I was hesitant, because I didn't recall ever seeing him associated with that denomination. In point of fact, of course, all those Presidents labelled as "Deist" *here* didn't really belong to an organised Deist Church. They usually went along to whatever church their wives belonged to, or to whatever the local church was near where they lived.
One wonders if Mrs Lincoln was as interested in occult matters *there* as *here*...[PB]
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