Türkistan Hava Yolları

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Turkestan Airways
Turkistan Hava Yollari.PNG
Type State Company
Location Buxara, Almalıq
Key people KEY PEOPLE
Employees 127,500
Industry Aviation
Products Air transportation
Revenue Green up.png18.3 million Som (roughly equivalent to fiscal year 2007)

Türkistan Hava Yolları (Turkestan Airways) is the national airline of Turkestan. It offers service throughout the Central Asia region, as well as several routes to Russian cities.

Its home port is at Ibrahım Enver International Aerodrome on the outskirts of Buxara, with much of its traffic passing through this aerodrome, or through Alatau International Aerodrome in Almalıq.

Turkestan Airways is beginning to expand beyond Central Asia, with its recently-opened long-haul route from Buxara to Xinjing, Beihanguo, and is looking to develop routes to the Indian subcontinent and Europe.

Their expanding fleet of airships consists mostly of Russian-made Stratoliner equivalents, and several older varieties of Russian commercial airliner of various sizes. The older airships are being gradually phased out and newer designs are being purchased from a variety of sources, including three new Aeroscrafts.

Internal Flights


Map showing Turkestan Airways local service routes

International Flights


Map showing Turkestan Airways international routes

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