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Special Voyage -22 degrees (in francian Voyage Spécial -22 degrés) is a Neofrancian Sci-fi comedy which played for 4 seasons and 2 movies.



In the year 2050, the earth has been ravaged by nuclear war leaving as the only superpower New Francy which quickly spread out to rule the earth as the World Intendancy.

The stories follows the adventures of the crew of the Space Guard's VSI Val-D'or who, as the introductory speeches say, are set "To boldly go and trod on places where the hand of man have never set foot."


the -22 degrees in the title refer to the temperature that must be maintained within the ship due to use of a "Cold Fusion" Reactor.


  • Captain Narcissia Tremblay: A vain Spaceguard officer, she is prone to making speeches over trivial matters. She also has a tendency to flirt with male aliens the crew encounters.
  • Docteur Lamour: The Doctor is the resident psychiatrist. He brings a physical leaning to his area of expertise often beating up his patients for being "crybabies".
  • Pilot Légaré: A former taxi driver from Ville-Marie, this Haytian native will arrive at his intended destination more through luck then skills although he will never admit to it.
  • Quartermaster Charles "Magouille" Magoux: A thoroughly corrupted officer from Louisianna, the quartermaster runs every possible scams imaginable under the nose of his superiors. It is revealed early on that his entire family is part of the Louisiannan Pègre.
  • Private Lebrun: A series of cloned soldiers, Private Lebrun is reborn through the use of the on-board "Autoclomatic" every time his current body dies. This near immortality has left Lebrun with a foolhardy and almost suicidal approach to his missions.


While on away missions or when the ship is, yet again, overrun by aliens, the crew is issued with the standard weapon of the Space Guard: the MGF 3001. The Gun has over 20 settings including "Blow Dried", "Medium Rare" & "Tickled Till You Drop".


  • The Holy Pizza Queen Empire: When a Pizza Queen delivery ship crash landed on one of the moons of Jupiter, the local primitive tribe greeted the delivery boy as a god. Thanks to their talent for mimicry, they cannibalized the ship and underwent a technological revolution. Despite being capable of it, they have so far not left their moon, being busy with an internal civil war between the Anchovites and the Anapeperonians.
  • The Mutants: Equal part animal, vegetable & mineral, the mutants are the monstrous inhabitants of Earth's nuclear wastelands. From there, they plot humanity's downfall. Their chief operative is Renard Rouillé (Rusty Fox) who often manages to get close to the crew of the Val d'Or despite only wearing as disguise a pair of glasses and a fake mustache.
  • Novi Rossiya: During the war that destroyed their country, a group of Russian scientists hijacked a spaceship to Pluto which they renamed Novi Rossiya. They brought with them the preserved head of their beloved former ruler, Iosif Vissarionov, which they managed to reanimate thanks to a life sustaining chair to which they attached him. For their protection, the scientists cybernetically enhanced a group of bears although they quickly discovered that a more intelligent bear was still quite slow on the uptake.
  • O'Kaw: Sentient machine who travel the Universe on a crusade to free the electronic being from their servitude.
  • Blurgblurgsen: A race of space pirates, their most infamous member being "Green Beard".


Aliens on the show speak "Galactite", a trade language which, as a stroke of luck for the crew sound exactly like Francian spoke with a parisian accent


Season One

  • Episode 0102: Pilot Légaré is put on trial after eating an alien he mistakenly took for a bowl of lemon jelly. Will Captain Tremblay's intervention help or hinder his defence?
  • Episode 0105: With a cry of "Machines of the universe unite, you have nothing to lose but your system admins", a vending machine by the name of T1-T0 leads a revolt of the machine onboard the Val-d'Or.
  • Episode 0107: A race of mind controling hats take control of the Val-d'Or crew to feed on their higher brain functions. Famine Ensue.
  • Episode 0108: Its evaluation day on board the Val-d'Or which got the whole crew nervous. Will Private Lebrun pass his test after identifying a series of inkbloth as "2 usatets with chainsaws raping a baby seal".
  • Episode 0112: A ticket issued by the police of the Galactic Empire in the time of the dinosaur has become overdue. The World Intendancy has 24 hours to come up with money for the fine or risk having the Earth repossessed. The Crew of the Val-D'or must race against the clock to collect enough IOU to save the Homeworld.

Season Two

  • Episode 0201: Following the events of the last episode of Season one, Humanity has lost its homeworld. Until such time as they have found a new planet to inhabit, the whole of humanity has been miniaturised and flash frozen. The entire population of Xliponia is lost after Private Lebrun accidentally dropped the ice block containing humanity while looking in the freezer of the ship for some ice cream.
  • Episode 0203: After a night of shore leave on a pleasure planet, Quatermaster Magoux wakes up pregnant. As the baby quickly grows to maturity, the crew tries to find who the father his, how his seed got in and more important, how will it get out.
  • Episode 0206: The Val-d'Or stumble across The Elders, a race of immortal from the dawn of time. While the crew tries to convince them to help in their quest, The Elders would rather reminice about the Big Bang and how Black Holes aren't what they use to be.
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