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The breakthrough hit Space Voyage 2245's second season, with teasers:


  1. Once More Unto the Breach: The Vanguard engages in a first contact mission with her sister-ship the Centurion, whose Captain Radu Normandie is of royal blood and doesn't want to take any chances.
  2. Delphi: The Vanguard escorts an elder statesman of the Yrgoans to a meeting with the R'Zikk. Once the rendezvous has taken place, the ship must answer a distress call from a ship under attack by Zmorites. Upon returning, they find the Yrgoan statesman refuses to speak with anyone.
  3. Hunter or Prey?: A small craft arrives suddenly in the vicinity of the Vanguard and pleads to be granted asylum. With the pod safely aboard, the Vanguard is surrounded by Calgon warships, demanding they turn over the Aquean terrorist immediately. Do they harbor a spy and terrorist? Or a scientist who has been held hostage?
  4. Perspective Wars: A top-secret weapons lab has had reports of "ghosts." The Vanguard's crew investigates (since their senior officers have the clearance to go there) and find that several scientists to be unbalanced. On the other hand, they're also on the verge of quantum leaps in weapons technology. Then the truth comes out: The Assessors are at work.
  5. The Face of the Gorgon: Escorting several supply ships to the remote colony of Ultima Thule, the Vanguard encounters a rare and terrifying phenomenon--a White Hole, spewing out time and matter.
  6. Paradise Lost: A multi-species colony (Humans, Aqueans, and Sagittarians) on a beautiful world sends a distress signal. When the Vanguard arrives, they find complete destruction. The few survivors tell conflicting stories of what happened, some say it was an unidentified alien fleet, some say it was the Zmorites, still others claim it was a rogue human or Aquean or Sagittarian ship. The survivors are brought on board to be transported to the nearest starbase. On the way back, ship members begin fighting amongst themselves. After the murder of an ensign, Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Ssaqueanyal (the Aquean from Hunter or Prey?, who has since joined the crew) discover the cause, a mysterious virus that creates hallucinations and hostility. Can they find a cure before the ship succumbs to the same fate as the colony?
  7. Burning Bridges: On a botany shore-leave, Captain Spitzer encounters her long-lost friend Alice Gregor. What seems a chance encounter quickly changes, as Alice asks for Captain Spitzer's help in the rescue of Alice's husband, renowned Xenoarchaeologist Franz Gregor...
  8. Blindness: During a layover at Space Station Omicron Alpha, Marie Bouc is accused of attempted murder. The would-be victim is an old rival of hers, and there are computer recordings of the deed as well as several eye-witnesses. But unusually, there is a R'Zikk visiting the station...
  9. What Is Real?: The SUM Chevalier is found empty orbiting the long-lost human colony of New Xliponia. The colonists, it turns out, have been mutated by the planet's ecosystem. Instead of sleeping, they now enter an altered state of consciousness and act out their dreams. When night falls, the Vanguard's crew have a weird, dangerous journey to get back to their ship.
  10. Pinocchio: The Vanguard hosts a state-of-the-art Android named Magnus. He tries his hand at various ship functions, to the discomfort of many on board. Yet he also proves to have something akin to a personality.
  11. En Garde Part One: War-games are interrupted suddenly when the Zmorites launch an attack, destroying the SUM Adamant and damaging the Vanguard. With Captain Spitzer wounded, Chief Engineer Jimmy Dohan takes command and tries to lure the Zmorites away from Condominium space.
  12. En Garde Part Two: While Jimmy and Mistelsbog are forming an uneasy partnership, the Centurion under Captain Normandie shows up. He leads the Zeniak task force into the Monfareen system, where some clever tactics result in destruction of the Zmorites. It turns out this fulfills a Monfareen prophecy, so now Normandie is hailed as something like a Messiah.
  13. Addictions: While the Vanguard undergoes repairs, her wounded crew is checked into a medical facility, where certain controversial procedures are underway.
  14. Here There Be Dragons: The Vanguard investigates a seemingly low-tech world with debris from Zmorite warships in orbit. A survey team goes down and slowly learns that the natives are the immature forms of vastly more powerful life-forms--ones with a distaste for strangers. More, they find remnants of other warships in the system, including Zeniak!
  15. The Four Horsemen: A Condominium Summit is underway, with the newly promoted Commodore Radu Normandie in charge of security. But the Sagittarian world where it takes place has been plagued by a strange cult, who turn out to be worshippers of the Assessors.
  16. Warlords: The Vanguard is in the vicinity when a Calgon colony is under attack by the Zeniaks. Different approaches to war cause conflict but a common purpose also unites the two forces.
  17. Goliath: Computer models indicate a specific alien world should fall under Zmorite attack within weeks. The Vanguard is the only ship that can get there in time, but the crew discovers a race strangely unconcerned. Eventually, it turns out the aliens are but one facet of a titanic sentient being--the ecosystem of the planet itself.
  18. Some Picnic: In what is supposed to be a routine mapping mission of a nebula, the Vanguard experiences increasingly bizarre phenomena. Crewmembers disappear. Furniture is rearranged. Someone's pet cat changes gender. And the sensor readings simply don't make any sense.
  19. The Art of War: The Vanguard makes first contact with a huge fleet of mercenaries from dozens of species. Captain Spitzer engages in a complex game of bluff and counter-bluff, determined to convince the mercenaries this area of the galaxy is no place for them.
  20. Art History: Vanguard discovers the homeworld of the Pikapak, a simple race with a tendency to imitate. When Marie Bouc shares a book of Art History with them, the Pikapak set about imitating Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and others. When they stumble upon Van Soest's Attack on the Medway events take a dark turn. Can the Captain and Crew save the Vanguard?
  21. The Last Son of Gorac: On loan from the SUM Protectrix, an alien scientist adopted as a child by humans leads the Vanguard to what he believes to be his homeworld. But as they approach, the surface is revealed to be a seething mass of Zeniaks.
  22. Calamity: The Vanguard watches at a distance, helpless, as Khola Prime is pounded by a series of cometary bodies. As they and other ships of the Space Armada respond to the devastated planet, it becomes clear that the comet strikes were not happenstance.
  23. Ice Box: The attack on Khola Prime, while unsolved, proves to be only the tip of the ice berg. Comets and Metors streak across the heavens against the homeworlds of the Space Condominium, threatening billions upon billions of lives.
  24. Deep Freeze, Part One: Strange radiation signatures are discovered coming from the Oort Cloud surrounding the Terran Home System. As the Vanguard begins searching for the cause, they receive a simple radio message: "Revenge is best achieved in cold blood. It is very cold, here in space, Captain Spitzer."
  25. Deep Freeze, Part Two: A volley of comets is launched against Earth and Mars, and the Vanguard is able to avert those that would be direct hits, the others grazing the atmospheres. As they search for the reason, they find proof the Kmora Xikra Nooniachev and his clan of genetic miscreants have escaped from their exile on Fraza Prime.
  26. Liquid Nitrogen: Clues to Kmora Xikra Nooniachev's whereabaouts lead the Vanguard to Ilfea Prime, a frigid world covered in oceans of liquid nitrogen. As the investigation progresses, Captain Spitzer discovers that it is not she that is looking for Kmora, but Kmora looking for her.
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