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The breakthrough hit Space Voyage 2245's first season, with teasers:

  1. (pilot) The Sagittarius Agenda: A plot is uncovered within the Sagittarian homeworld; a minority species, the Ulgween have long been suppressed by the more populous Sagittarians. After years of unrest, the Ulgween have taken matters into their own hands. They will wield a weapon that the Sagittarians cannot ignore, the SUM Vanguard!
  2. Reprimand: Not even waiting for the dust to settle from the Vanguard's first mission, the Yrgoans demand the Vanguard be brought to task, and the Space Condominium agrees. An Yrgoan Appraiser is sent from the Yrgoan Homeworld of Tresht, but is intercepted en route by a band of Dzhirona. Can the Vanguard rescue Mistelsbog and prove to him their worth?
  3. Double Vision: As the Vanguard travels an area of space believed to be uninhabited, they receive a distress call from a barren planet. As they close upon the planet, they are hit with a beam weapon, and all onboard are incapacitated. When Captain Spitzer awakes, she is greeted by--herself?
  4. Shore Leave: The Vanguard crew are furloughed on Edenia, given some well deserved shore leave. The days are long, and the nights longer, as one by one the crew is bit by the "Party Bug". Captain Spitzer and Mistelsbog join the crew on Edenia after arranging affairs on Vanguard only to find that some dark force is pushing them to party to the brink of death. Will they solve the puzzle in time?
  5. Answers and Questions: A stop-over at Space Station Delta Prime coincides with the murder of the station's security chief. The Vanguard's crew is asked to investigate. The culprit seems to be part of a much larger conspiracy, but kills himself before allowing himself to be interrogated.
  6. The Gates of Eternity:The Vanguard comes across a Terrestrial-planet with what appears to be a failing biosphere. As they search for intelligent life from orbit, they uncover a large technological complex, and launch an exploration craft. As they land, the craft is damaged, and Spitzer and her crew are trapped, surrounded by an army of ghosts...
  7. Biohazard: The Vanguard discovers a fleet of cargo ships, bound for Edenia. Hailing them repeatedly yields no response, and the Captain and Doctor Rasmussen investigate. Once they are aboard, they realize they have boarded a plague ship. Can Vanguard keep the fleet from destroying a world? Can Captain Spitzer and Doctor Rasmussen save themselves?
  8. Redemption: The Vanguard intercepts a distress call on their Transitional Radio, a transport vessel is under attack by what can only be the Queliqot, but by the time Vanguard can arrive to save them, the vessel is destroyed and all traces of the ship have vanished. When they've given up all hope, a short range emitter comes through on the Transitional Radio, some of the crew having survived. Their only message: "Save us, please! They're stripping us to bits!" Can Vanguard save them in time?
  9. Hide and Seek: Vanguard orbits Gascognia, to resupply the fledgling colony. When there is no response from below, Captain Spitzer and her landing party descend in an Exploration Pod to discover that all life in the colony has vanished...or has it?
  10. Abduction: Vanguard returns to Earth to bring word of the horrible species, the Plasmoids. As they pass Tau Ceti, they are set-upon by Plasmoids who abduct Morale Officer Zowan Kryszkot and Chief Scientist Aquico Yamamoto as well as several security officers, vanishing into the darkness of space. While Vanguard searches for them, Kryszkot and Yamamoto watch in horror as their crewmates die around them, victims of the Plasmoids. As it comes to Yamamoto, the Plasmoids discover a unique strain to her DNA, something which requires ungodly testing. Will she survive?
  11. Fuzzball Fury: While visiting Space Depot 133 with supplies, the Vanguard hears a distress call from a Calgon vessel. It seems that the ship is being slowly overrun with furry cylinders. Can Vanguard save the Calgons? More importantly, can they save themselves?
  12. Face-Off: A Calgon Ship-of-the-Line confronts the Vanguard in deep space over the perceived affront of Vanguard's rescue of the vessel in Fuzzball Fury. A contest is arranged, the prize, the losers's ship and lives. Can the Vanguard crew win?
  13. Wars and Rumors of Wars: When several of the command crew go missing, Captain Spitzer immediately suspects the Plasmoids, and sets about finding the nearest Plasmoid ship. (SPOILER!) Captain Spitzer corners a small foraging ship, and is told by the Plasmoid captain that not all plasmoids want war with Earth, but that war is coming. The missing crew emerge from a temporal rift that had struck the ship.
  14. Three Go Under the Cuckoo's Nest: When an experiment goes horribly wrong in Engineering Jimmy, Zowan and Marie are shunted to an alternate timeline, where Earth is not as they know it, and history was very, very different. Can they return to the Vanguard?
  15. Like Sands Through The Hourglass...: As the Vanguard closes on a disabled Calgon Ship-of-the-Line they quickly discover that the space-time continuum has unraveled and there are shards of time, in some time is passing quickly, some infinitely slow. The Calgon appear to be under attack by a Monfereen ship. Can they solve the puzzle and restore the Universe to rights?
  16. Destructive Cycle: In the first five minutes of the episode, the Vanguard is destroyed by an impact with another ship. Is this the end? Or just the beginning?
  17. Casus Belli, Part I: The Plasmoids have descended upon the Space Condominium as the Vandal raiders did Rome. The Yrgoans have retreated to their home planet, activating their ancient shielding technology, leaving the younger races of the galaxy to fend for themselves. At this crucial time, an armada of the Plasmoids is discovered to be heading directly to Earth. (Note that these three episodes were aired as a special 3 hour television movie, but have been broken into three parts for syndication).
  18. Casus Belli, Part II: The Plasmoids are driving through space to Earth and Spitzer and her crew are rallying the troops. Doctor Rasmussen has been analyzing the samples of DNA from the Plasmoids and has made an astonishing discovery; they suffer from a disease much like the AIDS virus of the 21st century. Can he and Vanguard save the Earth and the known galaxy?
  19. Casus Belli, Part III: As the Plasmoid armada is held near the heliopause of the Earth Solar System, tentative negotiations are begun, and peace, for the first time, looks possible. Into the breach come the Safloans who round up all ships of the Plasmoids, and disappear into the unknown. Spitzer and her crew are elated until they discover on long-range radar a device that could only be a planet destroyer, heading directly for Earth...
  20. The Point of No Return: Vanguard is returning to Earth with dignitaries from Gepid III, when the stars blink out around them and they are surrounded in white light. Appearing before them are sable robed figures who only identify themselves as "The Assessors". They demand that Captain Spitzer and the Vanguard help to eliminate a threat, the Zeniaks. When Captain Spitzer becomes frustrated at the duality of the Assessors, she rejects their request, and they find themselves suddenly half-way around the galaxy facing a flotilla of Zeniak ships. As they explore one of the vessels some of their crew falls mysteriously ill, and Spitzer realizes that the Zeniak are the cause. Will they escape?
  21. Judgment Day: Marshal Greyfeather, one of the Starmada's greatest heroes, conducts an inspection of the Vanguard and a debriefing of the crew. But all is not as it seems...
  22. Like a Theif in the Night: Captain Spitzer and the Vanguard investigate the mysterious disappearance of several colonies along the periphery of the Space Condominium, and all their searching brings only more questions...
  23. The Tree in Leaf: Captain Spitzer returns to Deep Space Colony Chi to refuel the Vanguard, and while there is abducted for a matter of hours. When she is recovered she remembers nothing, yet commands the crew to set course for an as-yet uncharted star. Once there they discover more disturbing ruins, and Captain Spitzer announces the name of the former inhabitants as the Crixorans, decimated by the great Horde. But are the Crixorans truly gone?
  24. The Stars Shall Fall From Heaven: Deep Space Colony Mu radios for help, the stars in the sky vanishing from their view. In an hour, their signal is lost. Vanguard and her crew seek to understand events and are led, as if by bread-crumbs from one scene of destruction to the next...
  25. Wizards That Peep and Mutter: Captain Spitzer has spent the last several days in her cabin, pondering the events of the last months. When no answer is apparent, she knows that she must approach the R'Zikk, an ancient race that sells Knowledge. Seeking an answer to her situation, she approaches them, but is told the price for her answer is the unthinkable, the death of one of her crew that had accompanied her. Hurriedly planning in a hard-won recess, she and her crew hatch a plan that Doctor Rasmussen is sure will work...
  26. Children of the Infinite: The Vanguard encounters Kmora Xikra Nooniachev, descendent of renegade geneticists and his bizarre family. They ambulate on spider-like appendages and threaten the very definition of humanity. But within Kmora and his clan, a darker secret resides. They are no-longer human. They are but a precursor of the Zmorite Horde!

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