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The breakthrough hit Space Voyage 2245's fourth season, with teasers:


  1. The Beginning of the End: The apocalyptic battle between the Vanguard and the Invincible ends in a cataclysmic rupture of space, sending the Vanguard into the mysterious dimensions of "under-space", strange dimensions inhabited by stranger beings. Just as all of Vanguard's efforts fail to free them, Commander Joaquin Klausfelder's of the Redoubt gives Jimmy the final key and the Vanguard flies to safety, but more intrigue awaits, as Klausfelder has information that will rock the Space Condominium to its core...continuation...
  2. There Goes the Neighborhood: The Zeniak, under the tentative peace have released a number of former Condominum colonies from the Fold. As Vanguard vists the colonies, they find worlds ravaged by fear, anger and hatred. Can the support of the Condominium and its hopeful future bring these worlds around?
  3. Never the Twain?: Quite by accident, the Vanguard discovers a kind of Summit taking place between the Zeniak, R'Zikk and Zmorites. It seems they are formalising relations with the Beshree--a long-lived race of telepaths who prefer to spend most of the time in the void between stars. It is up to Captain Spitzer to make First Contact with this mysterious people. Yet the Beshree are very strange, seemingly composed of "dark matter" and prone to speak in riddles. Even stranger yet, there are already humans living among them!
  4. How Deep the Rabbit-Hole Goes...: Captain Spitzer and the Vanguard are invited by the Beshree to come to know their society, and while all things seem good at first, it all becomes stranger with time, the more they discover, the more questions the crew have, as if they have fallen into the strange story of Alice in Wonderland...
  5. Eat me, Drink me: When the Beshree refuse to let Captain Spitzer and the Vanguard return to their mission, Captain Spitzer has no recourse but the the enigmatic R'Zikk. Their price for mediation is simple: Captain Spitzer must eat the mysterious trathan and drink the midea of the R'Zikk. Such an offering has been made only twice before and the victims were reduced to madness. Can Doctor Rasmussen puzzle out a cure, or even a mitigant to save Captain Spitzer's sanity?
  6. A Twist of Faith: After sending a series of robot probes to examine a pair of orbiting black holes, the Vanguard responds to a distress call from a colony ship. They approach the nearby planet, only to discover the colonists crashlanded there a thousand years ago! Somehow one of the probes interfered with the black holes and the ship, sending the latter back in time! The native religions all speak of the coming of something called Vanguard, but disagree as to its meaning. Simply by responding to a distress call, Spitzer and her crew may spark a world-wide civil war!
  7. The Three Captains: In the wake of Vanguard defending a Torqua ship from a renegade Zmorite raider, the captains of all three damaged vessels end up stranded in an abandoned shelter inside an asteroid field. While waiting for rescue, they have to somehow learn to cooperate.
  8. A Very Merry Unbirthday: After passing in close proximity to a lifeless world, the crew are plagued with visions of ghosts and the undead. Is this a raging psychosis, or is there more than meets the eye?
  9. Searching the Nebula: A chance encounter with a rare kind of comet forces the crew to find a long-abandoned mining facility in the Klaatu Nebula--the nearest source of an even rarer element which can repair the damage. It currently the lair of semi-intelligent carnivores the size of children that worship a huge local animal. It turns out, however, the long string of coincidences that have brought them here is actually a plot by the Assessors. But to accomplish what? And how do they avoid such a thing?
  10. Outremere Nouveau: While the Vanguard undergoes repairs, the crew take some shore leave at what is widely regarded as one of the best vacation spots in the galaxy. Captain Spitzer re-unites briefly with the man to whom she was once engaged (he is there with his wife) while Marie Bouc and Aquico Yamamoto have their own adventure, foiling a team of con-men.
  11. ...Exactly Two Days Slow...: An Assessor appears on the ship, telling them they're late, and that they must hurry if they're to avert disaster. It is only when they arrive at the shadowy Hatori system that Captain Spitzer realizes this mission is to save a number of Auditors and Zeniaks from the Hatori star that is about to go nova.
  12. Ashes of Victory, Part One: The Vanguard finds a planet ravaged by atomic war, but with survivors still fighting it out from a pair of heavily defending underground cities. A brilliant scientist from one city discovers the ship's existence, and plots to use advanced technology to escape his world, bringing with him an army of cyborg warriors.
  13. Ashes of Victory, Part Two: A lone time traveller from the future insists that if the cyborg warriors escape this world, they will one day wipe out all other life. He keeps trying to get the crew to destroy the planet just to be safe. This would include the crewmen held captive below.
  14. Webs: The crew encounter an insect-like species that infests the ship in an effort to "swarm." And the creatures emit a kind of spore that interferes with judgment. So who to trust? The insects who say they will leave soon? Or the other faction who insists the first group will kill them all?
  15. But I don't want to go among mad people...: Captain Spitzer collapses following the visits of Travallan diplomats, known for their double-speak. As her mental state continues to collapse, the only one that can reach her unconscious mind is Mistelsbog...
  16. Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?...: With the Captain in stable but critical condition, a shapeshifter, calling himself Bano intercepts the Vanguard with word of the Beshree. It seems that Vanguard may not have left the Beshree after all; and Captain Spitzer may well be one of them!
  17. I told you butter wouldn't suit the works!: Confronted with their meddling, the R'Zikk issue an ultimatum to the Vanguard: Modify their engines to deliver an R'Zikk cargo under a three day deadline, and they'll earn their freedom. Jimmy and Captain Spitzer grudgingly cooperate, but before long, events go horribly awry...
  18. The World of Night: A lost Yrgoan colony is discovered, but one that has devolved into a strange kind of feudalism. Mistelsbog reveals an ancient legend, of vampire-like creatures that fed on the life force of his people, but were believed extinct. Now, it seems, at least one did indeed survive.
  19. Whooo... are ... you?: Amnesia strikes the members of the Vanguard crew, and while they remember their duties, they've forgotten the Starmada, The Space Condominium, and are fully dependent on their advisors, who are always cowled, and are readying them for a final strike against their most hated enemy ... Earth.
  20. Then it doesn’t matter which way you go...: A new weapon is developed by the Lundgren Institute of Hoppas VII, and in order to further shore defences against a Ketsoqua threat at the Persid wormhole, Birko Lundgren boards the Vanguard to help make the changes to armaments. On their way, they receive a Torqua distress call, a few lightyears from the Perseus mouth of the Persid Wormhole. As they transit the Crab Nebula, the Vanguard is set upon by Ketsoqua fighters and heavily damaged, although their attackers are destroyed. Buffeted by the expanding gas, Vanguard is flung toward a stellar fragment, and unless engine power is restored, all hands will die...
  21. ...and shun the frumious bandersnatch: Limping back to the Star Fortress complex, Vanguard stumbles across a Torqua worldship, an asteroid containing a million and a half Torqua. But their numbers are falling, and the women are being murdered, one by one, by a thing they call the Bandersnatch. When Marie Bouc is injured in an attack, Dr. Lundgren and Jimmy set about creating a new weapon of psyionic energies to destroy the beast, a weapon they call the 'vorpal blade.' Can they finish the blade in time to stop the decimation?
  22. ...go on till you come to the end: then stop.: Vanguard escorts the worldship to the Star Fortress where those aboard are loaded into a flotilla of transfer ships to be taken the new Torqua homeworld. As they push through the wormhole their stellasonar warns them of impending doom. They've reached the end of the wormhole, and it's closing around them...
  23. The gods are on the side of the stronger.: Key zeniak strongholds are destroyed as if bombarded from the heavens by gods. As Vanguard orbits distant Naralga III, 50 Oort bodies scream into the system, annihilating the planet and inducing a "nuclear-winter." It appears that some superior race is displeased with the Zeniaks, and the holocaust has only begun.
  24. The more corrupt the state, the more laws.: As one zeniak world after another is destroyed, the Parliament of the Space Condominium convenes to legislate the level of their support. As debate rages, Kmora Xikra Khan enters, taking all hostage. It appaears that the Zeniaks are not the only race threatened, but the Zmorites as well.
  25. The desire for glory clings even to the best men longer than any other passion.: Enlistment in the Starmada and Starmarines rockets to unprecedented levels as the threat to human existence grows more and more clear, but a shadow play begins in the halls of government and it becomes clear to Captain Spitzer that the Grand Condominium's days may be numbered...
  26. The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.: The first attack against humans decimates Hoppas VII, and the Starmada and Starmarines begin sweeping the cosmos for the Assassins. As they close in on a system where the Assassins were known to have been, the Grand Task Force is hamstrung by a new parliamentary law requiring that war be prosecuted only if necessary and winnable. Spitzer and the Vanguard, tired of the blindness of the masses of Earth turn the Task Force around to enforce a change for the good of all in the Condominium.
  27. Once killing starts, it is difficult to draw the line.: A second attack of the Assassins destroys Calya, a desert-world, and it appears an odd target of no strategic importance. But as the Parliament restructures itself for the Jihad, Captain Spitzer and the Vanguard quickly discover that Calya was a secret research base, and that the Yrgoan homeworld is next.
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